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Programs Open University - BSc Mathematics and Physics?

  1. May 29, 2016 #1
    Good, bad or indifferent? Any ideas or suggestions?


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    I'm kind of in the same boat, kind of not. I don't believe getting a second degree in math is bad as long as it doesn't interfere with actually getting a degree in physics, or vice versa. In fact it might even be beneficial. As one of my graduate physics mentor stated: "You can never have too much math."
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    Hey Gimblestitch.

    What exactly do you want to aim for regarding study and (possible) future endeavors?
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    I am interested in personal edification mostly.
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    That is something that Open University is good for. Some good objective programs are available through Open University systems but using such a method to earn a bachelor's degree is or seems unusual. More likely you could find a certificate program in some of these systems. You are more likely to find your undergraduate program in a regular university admission situation.
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    I think some good questions to ask would be what would motivate you to start and what would get in your way to not make you finish.

    If you have a good idea of what makes you start and a good idea of what would prevent you from finishing then you will understand pretty well how likely you are to get through something.
  8. Jun 2, 2016 #7
    You may as well go for an Open Degree. No need to restrict your choice of modules and as far as I can tell, the name of the degree makes no practical difference.

    I would highly recommend the mathematics and physics modules at the Open University. I did my first degree there (BSc Open) and was subsequently accepted into (traditional) physics Masters programmes at top universities. I also know that I am not an exception.
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    Independent, thanks for the great data point. Do you mind me asking what Universities accepted you as an Open University Graduate in Physics? Do you think there is any chance of being accepted directly into a PhD program?
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