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Opinions about of experimental physics and its branches

  1. Aug 4, 2014 #1
    Good morning, I request the guide of Physicists with experience in the experimental physics. I'm in my fifth year of bachelor in physics, because in my country (Colombia), most Bachelor degrees have a duration of five years. My plans are to perform a master's degree next year, and then continue to the doctorate and if possible pursue with P.h.Ds. The point is that yet i don't decide which field to I specialize in physics, because I love my job as a researcher and I love many branches of physics. The options that I have thought, are the areas of nanoscience, photonics, plasma physics, quantum optics, particle physics and computational physics, by high to low affinity. I want choose the specialization that can be exercised in the industry and the private sector, and also in the academy and that in turn is very well paid. Considering these factors, I would like to read your opinions about the branches of applied physics with those characteristics. I'm open to listen other areas of specialization that you believe meet what I describe. Thank you all for your valuable help, I'll be very grateful.
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    You should scratch particle physics off your list. I don't think there is very much industry work going on in that field. Photonics might be a good bet; there is talk in industry of shifting from RF satellite communications to an optical system. There are still several issues that need to be worked out satisfactorily beforehand though.

    I’ll just add this, it’s doubtful that as a physicist you’ll ever be “well paid.” Mastering in engineering would probably allow you to make more in a shorter period of time, or you could get a MBA and make more than both—probably combined.
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