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  1. noir1993

    Quantum Thoughts on Sakurai's Quantum Mechanics textbook

    I have taken a couple of graduate level courses in quantum mechanics and I have decided to read Sakurai's Modern Quantum Mechanics from cover to cover, partly because I liked his style and I have heard a lot of people talk highly of it. But I recently realised that the second edition of the same...
  2. S

    Which AI MOOC to choose?

    I am a high school student and an avid learner through MOOCs. This spring, there are two MOOCs coming up which caught my interest- one on AI from UC Berkeley(Dan Klein) and the other on Machine Learning from Stanford(Andrew Ng). Though I am inclined towards the Berkeley course, I wanted to get...
  3. N

    Do somthing you love or you're good at?

    To start off, I am a freshman majoring in physics and I am a girl. Over the past few months in college, I am begining to feel like I don't fit in. Because I am not as smart as others, I am questioning if I still want to major in physics. To be honest, I am very good in biology and understand it...