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An opinion is a judgement, viewpoint, or statement that is not conclusive, rather than facts, which are true statements.

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  1. rajsekharnath

    Recommendations for study materials to prepare for undergrad Physics

    TL;DR Summary: Here I am asking for some opinions and recommendations for mathematically rigorous books that should be taken as an interested physics student. I know the question is quite subjective but any insightful answer is appreciated. I am willing to join undergraduate physics classes...
  2. sophiecentaur

    Opinions about the usefulness or otherwise of data synching services

    Along with a lot of other people, I chose to use Apple iCloud without thinking too much about what it can do for me. iCloud offers Synching and I pay £6 pm for 2TB of storage. iCloud gives synching on your boot drive and you can only use the remaining space with zip files. But is Synch actually...
  3. benorin

    I I would like opinions of the latest draft of my note - Integration

    The note is entitled: Evaluation of a Class of n-fold Integrals by Means of Hadamard Fractional Integration. 4 pgs pdf format. I assure you that you need not know anything about fractional calculus at all to understand this note that Howard Cohl helped me with. We only use a single...
  4. sophiecentaur

    Opinions on Spin Launch

    Spin Launch is a proposed method, as a first stage for launching small payloads into orbit, using a slingshot method. There seems to be a video of a successful one-third scale test. Would the numbers add up, though and would it be better than an ordinary first stage vehicle? One advantage could...
  5. T

    Wondering if there are any construction contractors on PF (looking for opinions)

    Hey everyone I am looking at an older home to buy and wondering how much of a pain in the butt it would be to extend the garage out wider vs just building a secondary garage? Attached is a picture for reference :smile:
  6. The Bill

    Relativity Opinions on Rovelli's General Relativity: The Essentials?

    I recently noticed that "General Relativity: The Essentials" by Carlo Rovelli has been published. Based on the description, table of contents, and the Amazon reviews, it seems to me that it might be a spiritual successor to Dirac's "General Theory of Relativity." Is that an accurate assessment...
  7. ipsky

    Intro Physics Opinions on books for (self) studies in statistical physics

    Nearly two decades after I graduated with an engineering degree, I'm currently studying for a master's with a particular emphasis on conceptual/theoretical statistical physics. Based on my interests and stylistic preferences, I'm using the following books to build my understanding of physical...
  8. Azathanai

    Admissions Honest opinions and advice on Statement of Purpose requested

    I've written a Statement of Purpose for Physics PhD applications, and I wanted opinions on it from as many people as I can, which is why I am asking here. Honest reviews and tips on how to improve it are really appreciated! When I joined <my uni> as an undergraduate student in Physics, I had...
  9. E

    My friend thinks I'm arguing when I explain my opinion, I wonder why?

    So I have a friend who thinks I'm arguing whenever I state my opinion and explain my opinion. For example, he said he was ugly and I was telling him that he's not ugly and that people are beautiful in their own ways, he disagreed, so then I also pointed out some of his features that are really...
  10. Mr.Husky

    Analysis Opinions on textbooks on Analysis

    What are your opinions on Barry Simon's "A Comprehensive Course in Analysis" 5 volume set. I bought them with huge discount (paperback version). But I am not sure should I go through these books? I have 4 years and can spend 12 hours a week on them. Note- I am now studying real analysis from...
  11. .Scott

    Science-Blind: Opinions based on research vs personal

    I live in Pelham, NH - where COVID-19 is almost, but not quite, under control. And I have been talking to people who oppose using masks - or only use it because of social pressure. At this point, my "N" is only about 5. But there seems to be a pattern. They are people who never really made it...
  12. B

    Classical Opinions about these textbooks for vibrations and waves

    Hi. I am going to enter uni this October as a first year physics major.One of the first courses I will take is Vibrations and Waves,and the recommended materials are as below: French,Vibrations and Waves Pain,The Physics of Vibrations and Waves, 6th Edition According to Amazon's review,there...
  13. ETsmyhomeboy

    Stargazing Personal opinions please Lunar/martian meteorites or not?

    Hello I have some awesome rocks that I have a strong gut feeling could possibly be of some value. Pennies for your thoughts please 😊 👽🌜
  14. E

    Working on a compiler, need some opinions

    Hey fellow nerds and geeks! I'm working on a new version of my compiler, mainly to improve performance on the compiler itself as it was my first attempt at such a program. Since I've learned a ton on compiler design (probably not the best of methods, but hey, it works, right?), I've built a new...
  15. H

    B Looking for opinions on YouTube Fermilab videos

    I've come across a few different videos from this person and I'm curious if they are accurate enough to rely on.
  16. morrobay

    Opinions On This 50m Steel Span Bridge Without Supports

    The bridge sections in photo are being welded / bolted ? together on site. Is this going to be structurally strong enough for a pedestrian bridge ?
  17. K

    I Musings, seeking opinions about the nature of time

    Hi, Sorry, I had to pick a prefix but please feel free to reply as you see fit. I just joined to seek opinions on various things and hopefully learn some other things as well. I am a retired GIS analyst programmer. Completed 1st level multistrand science and maths in high school 1976 but...
  18. E

    Opinions on I.A. Maron's Mathematical Analysis textbook?

    Anyone completed IA Maron Mathematical Analysis? Anyone like it?
  19. Zaya Bell

    Career Choice: In between two opinions

    I am a university student studying physics hoping to chase a career in the field. But recently I discovered my love and talent for explaining science in a basic level people who have no idea what it is that they understand, I also like convincing some unbelievers that science works. Then even...
  20. Irl495

    Rotating magnetic field effect on aqueous mixing (opinions?)

    This is question that can't really get a precise answer without significant modeling or experimentation, but I'm wondering what folks' intuition might be on an answer to the following setup + question: Suppose there is a steel tank made of steel pipe with walls about 0.25 cm thick, internal...
  21. F

    Examination project of EEG, Opinions and feedback

    Hello! I don't really know how High School ends in other countries but in Sweden it ends with an examination project depending on the programme you've selected. Anyhow we were free to choose one research topic that is related to mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry. I choose the brain...
  22. smodak

    Quantum Advanced Quantum Physics by Paar - Opinions?

    Anyone read the book Advanced Quantum Physics by Hans Paar ? Is this somewhat analogous to Sakurai's advanced quantum mechanics? If anyone used it, can youcomment on what you used it for (e.g. was it a bridge between QM and QFT)? I happened to see this book on amazon and from the excerpt, it...
  23. S

    Opinions on elementary school science homework

    Hi all. I'm reviewing my daughter's science homework and I disagree with how things are being presented. I wanted some feedback from everyone here to get a sanity check on my own thinking. The exercise is this: answer whether these properties of matter are either an observable property or a...
  24. ISamson

    2017 Nobel Prize in Physics - Opinions and Expectations

    Hello, The Nobel Prize in Physics is upcoming soon and I wanted to hear your opinions and expectations about some important discoveries or inventions which might end up receiving this most major prize in science. I look forward to hearing your thoughts! Thanks.
  25. ISamson

    2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry - Expectations and Opinions

    Hello, I have heard that the 2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry is going to be announced in the next few months. Do you know about any interesting and/or useful discoveries that chemistry achieved worth the Nobel Prize in your opinion? Thanks.
  26. sophiecentaur

    Stargazing Erecting eyepiece diagonal: opinions?

    I have this nice little ED80 OTA and it gives smashing images. I want to use it for terrestrial viewing. Are there any opinions about the Amici (roof) prism type erecting diagonals? I can't find much in the way of diagrams of the optics; the only one I found shows a 90° version, which is not as...
  27. noir1993

    Quantum Thoughts on Sakurai's Quantum Mechanics textbook

    I have taken a couple of graduate level courses in quantum mechanics and I have decided to read Sakurai's Modern Quantum Mechanics from cover to cover, partly because I liked his style and I have heard a lot of people talk highly of it. But I recently realized that the second edition of the same...
  28. L

    Studying Openstax textbooks for AP Physics -- Opinions / Experiences?

    I am interested in experiences with the Open Stax textbook for AP Physics.
  29. LittleMrsMonkey

    A Opinions on USPEX: Comparing it to Other Methods

    I feel like asking about USPEX is already too specific,so I just want to see what people think of it. How do you think it compares to other methods of predicting crystal structures?
  30. A

    Other Opinions on GIS as a career field?

    This isn't really science, or maybe kind of on the fringes of it, but recently I've been looking into GIS as a career and was wondering if anyone knows anything about it. I only recently started researching it so I'm still not very familiar with what kind of work a geographer could expect to do...
  31. BL4CKB0X97

    Schools University opinions of online A Levels

    Hi I am going to be getting my A levels through an Online service, as no college in my area does over age A-levels. I started my A levels in sixth form but got hospitalised through illness for a few months. Never got to finish because of it and when I got out I was still to ill to return. Now...
  32. arupel

    B Time: Physical Existence or Perception? Current Opinions

    I cannot conceive of time as an actual physical existence. What are the current opinions on what time is?
  33. sophiecentaur

    Foveon X3 Quattro direct image sensor: any opinions?

    I just came upon this sensor, in a new(?) camera by Sigma. It seems to be a clever idea. As anyone here got any special knowledge of the device or the technology? It solves a number of problems but, no doubt, introduces some new ones. Incredibly high res! I will stick with Pentax until I become...
  34. Boing3000

    SpaceX Critiques on SpaceX Technology: A Closer Look at the Engineering Factors

    Hello everybody, After Googling a little I find very few scientific critiques on SpaceX "technology". Let's forget about economics and purpose. Just the engineering factors. To make a rocket landing on end seems preposterously wasteful (fuel weight) and complicated (engine trust and...
  35. AaronK

    Intro Physics Opinions on "physics: DeMYSTiFieD - A Self Teaching Guide"?

    Recently at a second-hand bookstore, I found this McGraw Hill text for only $2 dollars, so naturally I had to buy it (any 500+ page book about physics for $2 bucks is a great deal). I wonder though, is it useful at all to someone already taking physics courses in college? Or would it just be a...
  36. J

    Relativity Opinions on Zee's "Einstein Gravity in a Nutshell"

    Hello again, I would like to know what your opinions about this book. As I have figured out, there are a lot of great GR books out there, but this very rarely gets any mention in forums like this. Why is this? Its got pretty good reviews at amazon and goodreads. Thanks in advance!
  37. Sam I Am

    Programs Funding Scenario: Opinions Wanted | Physics Forums

    Greetings Physics Forums, I would like to propose a funding scenario; please tell me what you would do. You have been accepted to graduate school with six years of fellowships (3 through NSF, 3 through the school, though the latter are actually 9-month periods). As an entering first-year...
  38. M

    B Fermi Paradox: What are your opinions on the Fermi Paradox?

    Hi guys, So If any of you aren't familiar with the Fermi Paradox, I highly advise you read about it. It is easily one of the most interesting topics I've come across. IF you can't be bothered for this I have included a small summary of what the Fermi Paradox in my survey (see below). I'm doing...
  39. N

    Need opinions for CAD project

    I have a cad project where i have to make an assembly of a mechanical device with 5-8 parts and I also have to make a modification to the device. I was thinking maybe a brake caliper but I am just curious what some of you think would be a good device to model?
  40. Dlhill13

    Next Generation of Nuclear Power Ideas -- Opinions?

    Recently, I have been looking into more effective methods of harnessing nuclear power and making an attempt to move away from conventional steam plants and the use of turbines, thus reducing heat losses, maintenance and construction costs, etc. That being said, my current concept uses a...
  41. Dishsoap

    Sources for opinions on graduate application essays?

    Greetings all, Are there resources around to help with writing essays for graduate applications? I have asked a few professors around my department, but as we don't have a graduate program and most of them are young professors who have only recently left grad school themselves, most of them...
  42. D

    Opinions on whether light can be mass

    While researching possible culprits of dark matter, i had a curious thought. What if the emmited light from stars and galaxies effected the curvature of space without measurable mass. One google later i discover that this was asked by several other researchers on it but i couldn't find much or...
  43. KostasV

    I need your opinions on Zettili's solution of an exercise

    1. Homework Statement (Uploaded photo from Zettili Quantum Mechanics - Chapter 3 - Solved problems 3.4 and 3.5) Check at problem 3.4 the relation that he gives between operator A and state φn. Now check the relation that he uses in problem 3.5 between A and φn again. They are different while on...
  44. TheNoobie001

    No specific questions here, *All* opinions welcome

    Hello everyone, my name is Evan operating under 'thenoobie001'.[this is also my xbox gamertag if there are any CoD fans out there :)]. I have recently joined this site and I anticipate that I will be doing a lot of forum searching and reading here at the beginning of my membership since my...
  45. S

    Opinions on Evolving Ourselves By J. Enriquez and S. Gullans

    I recently finished listening to the audio-book of Evolving Ourselves, and I really enjoyed it. I have, however, heard that some of what was in that book is somewhat controversial, so, for anyone who has read this book, I am very curious to hear what people more learned than me think of this book
  46. E

    Need opinions on how to separate dust/silt from dirt....

    I work at an auto dismantler (wrecking yard) in CA and the regulations for storm water runoff are getting tighter and tighter. The owner of the business is probably farther ahead of most yards in the state when it comes to trying to do the right thing. Our biggest concern is the heavy metals...
  47. T

    Opinions on science communicators?

    Good morning all, I wanted to get some opinions on the following situation. Feel free to share. I often encounter pages on social media such as Facebook where channel owners/moderators label themselves as "scientists" (without any kind of academic degree) or as people "doing science" without...
  48. L

    Quick question? Opinions on this joke?

    Officer proton is chasing a faster than light neutrino but the neutrino had already passing through him yesterday. Muuuuoooon!
  49. U

    Looking for opinions on poorly marked exam question.

    Please note that I am not asking how to do this question. It is not homework. :) This is part of an externally set exam that some of my students sat, and with which I am disappointed with the "officially" correct solution. To me the solution is reasonably straight forward, however many people...
  50. S

    Comparing AI and Machine Learning MOOCs: UC Berkeley vs Stanford

    I am a high school student and an avid learner through MOOCs. This spring, there are two MOOCs coming up which caught my interest- one on AI from UC Berkeley(Dan Klein) and the other on Machine Learning from Stanford(Andrew Ng). Though I am inclined towards the Berkeley course, I wanted to get...