Optics Question: How do I clean polar sheets?

  1. So right now I am working on an amature astronomy project to develop a simple lab about the sun's declination. I am borrowing the cheapets linear polarized sheets that I could find ...
    Because they are least 10 - 15 years old, I would really like to clean them, but I don't know what to use because I don't know who made them.

    Are there any astronomer out there who know what you could generally use to clean linear polarizers? Will warm water or cleaning solution work? If so what kind?
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    You need to determine exactly what your sheets are made of before cleaning them. Here is a great overview to help you figure that out:

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    Assuming it is a typical film sheet polarizer the surface should not be touched, only air cleaned. A can of dry air that you get from a computer or camera store should suffice.
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