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Our universe is a Black Hole in a 10D universe

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    Just food for thought - What if our universe is a black hole in a 10D universe?

    We know there was an Inflationary Period - Isn't this what a collapsing black hole would look like from the inside?

    We've already unified the three strongest fundamental forces, but gravity is the weakest and most mysterious. What if gravity is what Hawking Radiation looks like from the inside. Another way of looking at things is that space is where particles could be, and particles are where space isn't. Particles (with mass) are essentially interdimensional holes between our 3D universe and the greater 10D universe.

    It's a variation on superstring theory, but instead of tiny strings of energy vibrating, it's tiny rips between our 3D space and the 10D space "flapping in the breeze" as 3D space escapes and reverts to 10D space.

    It would also explain the Hubble Constant, as our universe gained more mass, it would've accelerated the 10D matter faster as it fell into the more massive black hole.

    I could be completely wrong about this, I've made bigger blunders before, but what I'd really like would be for some bright young physicist to consider the concept seriously enough to see if it makes sense or not.
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    I don't really understand your logic. I just wanted to point out that we have not, as far as I know, unified the electro-weak force with the strong force. We don't have a GUT at the moment.
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