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Our Universe then and now, energy verses space.

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    I have this vague idea that I hope you can improve on or rip apart. In our early Universe we had lots of energy in the fields of the Standard Model packed into a small space. Now we have less energy in the fields and a larger Universe. In time we will might have very little energy in the fields of the Standard Model and a much greater sized Universe.

    Suppose that where we have energy in the fields of the Standard Model we also have compacted space. As the Universe expands this compacted space is released as the field energy decreases? I would like to think that there is some constant volume of space V which is the sum of the volume of the Universe and the volume of "trapped" space. One is converted into the other.

    Is this an idea? Can it be made better? Does it have any hope of modeling reality?

    Thanks for any ideas or help!
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