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Medical Pain in heart radiates to jaw implies pain in jaw radiates to heart?

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    Almost two weeks ago I had a lower rear molar numbed to oblivion, ground down, and caped with a temporary crown. Afterwards that tooth would from time to time get not painful but annoying. A pair of Advil would make things better. During this discomfort I noticed discomfort in my chest area as well. For a while I thought I was having heart problems but now think it was due to the tooth discomfort.

    Does it seem possible that the discomfort in my tooth was giving rise to discomfort in my chest? Does a heart pain that radiates to my jaw imply a pain in my jaw can radiate to my heart?

    Thanks for any help!
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    No, the chest discomfort is most likely not related directly to your recent dental work.

    Can you go to your local Urgent Care facility tonight? It would be best if you had an EKG and some blood work done to see if you may be having an MI. This is not something to be asking about on a web forum, my friend. I had a fellow EMT who was experiencing similar issues a few months ago, and it turned out he had serious blockage of 3 of the 4 major arteries that supply blood to the heart. He is doing much better now, but the EKG and blood work were fundamental in saving is life.

    Please go to Urgent Care now, or call for your local Fire Department paramedics to come and hook you up to a 12-lead EKG.
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