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Pandora's radio station. MUST READ

  1. Nov 27, 2005 #1

    If you like music at all, this site is brilliant.

    What you do is enter in artists or songs you like into this website, and it will compile a radio station for you that will randomly play songs by the artists you've entered or simmilar to them.

    It's so awesome, I'm in love.

    I suppose it'd also be a great way to check out bands you're considering buying CD's of, to see if you like a random sampling of their library.

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    Instant bookmark :smile:
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    And you could also record those songs right off the speaker using some program/s...
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    How is this different from www.launch.com[/URL]

    You put in a song, you listen to the song you want to hear, and then it plays songs which sound similar....
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    I guess the only difference with Launch and pandora, is that launch has no 10 hr limit.
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    I dunno, but I would guess launch isn't as cool. Will launch play Kyuss songs? How about E-40?

    <edit>Holy crap... Yahoo has Kyuss and E-40 in their database. That's ridiculous...</edit>
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    But who's listening to music from one source for 10 hours anyway?
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    I've used Launch for a few years. After a while, you've built up too many songs to want to change.
    Of course, I don't even know who Kyuss and E-40 are.:redface:
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    I was thinking that the 10 hrs is accumalitive.

    Neither do I.
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    Kyuss is a mellow hard rock band; the Guitarist/singer and Bassist of Queens of the Stone Age were in Kyuss before they formed Queens of the Stone Age. E-40 is a really crazy/creative rapper who made up tons of the slang that all rappers use today.
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