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Paper on the physics of big bang: what should be included

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    i must write paper on big bang theory but i don't really know what should be included. i am from korea and the words are so confusing. maybe if i had a brief outline i understand more better.

    thanks physicists
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    Well, a good thing to include would be the three biggest pieces of evidence for the big bang - Hubble's law which shows that the universe is expanding, the existence of the cosmic microwave background which shows that in the past the universe was hot and dense, and the abundance of light elements, which shows that the big bang theory indeed can be quantitative predictions. It's hard to say what else should be included without knowing what the scope of this paper is supposed to be.
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    Most specifications ask for brief description, the evidence as nicksauce says, the age of the universe and its ultimate fate and how this depends on the amount of matter in the universe
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    thank you herbert and nick

    i research it but dont understand that many light elements means big bang true
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    The point is that if you do the calculations the Big Bang predicts that the normal matter in the universe will be around 22% Helium or so. When we go out and look, this is indeed what we find. Similarly, the big bang theory also predicts the amounts of Deuterium and Lithium well too. This doesn't "mean the big bang is true", but it is good evidence that it is.
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