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Parallax error - what type of error is it?

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    My friends are having an argument as to whether parallax error is systematic or random error. We have tried looking all around in books/internet etc but nothing mentions what type of error it is. Any help would be appreciated :)
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    Hi, Skyglow;
    Welcome to PF. I'm not sure under what circumstances this error is encountered in regard to your question. Parallax simply involves a different viewpoint. If I understand your question correctly, then it is a systematic error, not random. It would mean that the observer and the obsrerved are not in the same spatial relationship during multiple observations.
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    Parallax is a systematic error. It should be very repeatable, and can be eliminated with some care.
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    Lol my friends not completely satisfied. He asks that if the definition of systematic error is always to be off by a fixed amount, how can you repeat parallax error so that it gives the same amount of error for every reading?
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    With no offence intended, tell your friend to register his ass on here and question us himself. :biggrin:
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