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Parallel Universes (recent video)

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    There are some recent videos on String, M-theory, Branes, Multiverses with most of our favorite researchers (orig aired on UKTV)

    Parallel Universes #1
    (Michio Kaku - CUNY; Alan Guth - MIT; Burt Ovrut - UPenn)

    Parallel Universes #2
    (Paul Steinhardt Princeton; Guth, Kaku, Ovrut; Michael Duff - UMich)

    Parallel Universes #3
    (Ovrut, Kaku, Duff, Steinhardt; Lisa Randall - Harvard; Nima Arkani-Hamed - Harvard)

    Parallel Universes #4
    (Kaku, Duff, Guth, Ovrut; Neil Turok - Cambridge)

    Parallel Universes #5
    (Steinhardt, Ovrut, Turok, Kaku, Guth)

    In part #5, they discuss that a collision between two Branes may have resulted in The Big Bang itself. They don't elaborate on the mathematical aspects but imply that their equations, in 11-dimensional space, work out perfectly, without any singularities. If this idea is true, it implies we have some understanding of what existed before the Big Bang and could become the framework of the elusive Theory of Everything.
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    I see Marcus's thread on Steinhardt & Turok ties in to the "colliding brane cyclic (ekpyrotic) universe" discussion
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    Thanks for the links, Ouabache. Interesting videos.
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