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Participating IPhO-but going college two years late.

  1. May 9, 2006 #1
    I really can't decide which one to choose.
    I studied college physics and analytical mechanics.-very deeply.
    So I'm pretty sure that I can earn some medals in IPhO.
    At least it will be very nice experience.
    But one thing-I can't participate this year and next year's IPhO-due to some problem.-being Korean citizen live in US(neither PR nor citizen)
    The thing is I'm junior in highschool. If I go to IPhO, I have to go college two years late. Of course my major is physics.
    One more thing-I'm dying to go to Princeton. But I can't go right now.-came to US in 2005..sat scores are sucks as well as ECs.
    If I go to college next year, I'll probably go to McGill(I know that this college is great).
    I don't know why I am hesitating. But you know..If I give up the chance for participating IPhO now, I can't participate forever. Also, if the result is good, I'll probably get into my dream college.
    One thing that I'm really concerning is-the decision that I won't regret.-that's the real issue. I don't know which way to go.
    I know this is a stupid question. But I want to hear other people's opinion.
    Thank you.
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  3. May 9, 2006 #2
    IPhO stands for International Physics Olympiad, right?

    It's a great thing to be in, and hats off for getting to that stage, but it isn't the kind of event that would make me put off college for two years though.
  4. May 10, 2006 #3
    I had a similar problem to yours, I've graduated from highschools for years

    I was actually a student of social sciences and humanities, specializing in literature, I studied for 1 year, then passed 2 other exams for economics and natural sciences specializing in..."math" the following year.

    Yes, I studied three 'high-schools' at the same time, that should sounds ridiculous and creditably impossible right ? I kept myself running around in all 3 years.
    and how funny it is to say that I never graduated from any of them. I never thought of keeping a record from them as a keepsake, I was so blind and greedy when I decided to move to another area to restudy math, philosophy, literature, and above all, what is life, in an *empty* pot.

    I realize then that it is not my previous high-schools were bad, I reread all the ciriculla of my previous high schools, thinking about fake rankings, I am really sad.

    I do learn something too from my areas I came to, things about bad, good, formal management etc, really thankful to people who gave me help, hope. I am trying to do several things to meet the requirements. I am now a third year student im my current college, I will quit to go to another college next year, Alaska I guess.
    The area has a lot of food I really like, you can come to see them at the city's homepage.

    That's my late, 4 more years I still a first year student, you now know but I am sure you don't need to understand because it is not related to your pockets, hehe.

    I don't see Princeton in most of people's dream, let's go to Alaska, we'll probaly meet one day. :-D
    Last edited: May 10, 2006
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