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Particle/antiparticle annihilation problem near blackholes

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    So around the time of the Big Bang, Particle and antiparticle pairs were created and annihilated. I believe one out of every 100 million(?) particle pairs actually didn't have an accompanying antiparticle, and survived the maelstrom, giving us the galaxies and stars we have today.

    Now, at the EH of a black hole, where virtual particles escape from the black-hole as hawking radiation, if one of these anomalies occur, where the particle is able to escape, and have no antiparticle accompanying it, what properties of the black hole have to change in order to preserve the conservation of energy? Is there any change at all to the black hole?
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    I think that what you call an anomaly should be described by a Feynman diagram. And that one of its legs should be linked to the BH.
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