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I Particle Desert and New Physics

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    Is it possible there is a particle desert where there are no new particles between the weak and planck scale yet there is new physics before the planck scale.. can you give examples how this can occur?

    An example. If we can distinguish quantum interpretations.. won't this be new physics that won't affect the scale between the weak and planck scale.. please give other examples... also I'm thinking of scalar field which has bosons so light it escaped detection.. what other possibilities?
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    Quantum vacuum is home to quantum fields of all kinds.. and they have quanta..

    So maybe particle desert with new physics means something else besides quantum field?

    What else is there in the quantum vacuum? How about dark energy... which is related to general relativity. Can general relativity be said to be inside the quantum vacuum? or separate?

    If you have special configuration of manifolds like branes folded into specific shapes that doesn't have particle contribution.. then perhaps this is stuff of new physics after the Particle Desert?

    The Quantum vacuum is said to be Lorentz invariant.. and even though we have unlimited energy supply in the quantum vacuum.. we can't tap it because the energy is the same and you need energy differential to extract energy. So perhaps study of special configurations of manifolds can maybe affect the quantum vacuum and make some kind of "lift" effect that can make you navigate the quantum vacuum by influencing the zero point energy? Any reference about this?
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    Or just general....

    What are (please enumerate all) the objects that can possibly exist in the quantum vacuum...

    1. Spin 1/2 Fermion, Spin 1 Gauge Bosons
    2. Spin 0 Scalar Higgs Field with non zero vev
    3. Spin 2 gravitons
    4. Spacetime manifolds
    5. Branes or Calabi-Yau manifolds (doesn't this produce the vacuum itself?)
    6. Superstrings
    7. Pilot Wave, Quantum Potential and other quantum interpretation things.
    8. Dirac Sea particles
    9. What else? (Beyond the Standard Model)?

    What else can exist in the quantum vacuum that won't violate the laws of physics of the vacuum or physics in general? Can you enumerate all of them? I'd like to see a thorough list.

    This is good to reflect or ponder what is life/physics after a possible Particle Desert.
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    We are waiting for the future to bring the answer. Our mind does not admit another expectation. We prepare ourselves to accept what the future may bring, from a sane and simple retouch to a maddening and complicated spasm. But the future must bring it, because we are sure that no debt of the past has remained unpaid.

    Are we sure ? Very safe? Has nothing remained unpaid and we bet life that this is the case? Or betting on life would be too much risk? Could the difficulties be related to an unpaid theoretical debt of the past? Would it be a waste of time to thoroughly review the full implications of the unification that laid the foundations of modern physics, that is, the Maxwell electrodynamics?
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    This thread very speculative in nature. We need to see peer reviewed articles to continue the discussion otherwise we will have to close and warn.

    Please take some to read our site rules. We try to help students learn mainstream science not discuss personal theories or speculative science.
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