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Particles from space seed cloud formation and greenhouse

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    I don't believe the cloud formation by particles from space idea because why would they be doing this now (we'd have to be unlucky given geological timescales) and why isn't there evidence of this in the past.
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    It would help if you posted a link to an article describing what you are talking about. I only vaguely remember reading something about this.
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    The idea is that condensation of water vapor in the air requires some inducement to start. This can be a dust particle or something but a charged ion works very well too. It is argued that the induced solar magnetism varies with the flare / sunspot activity. This would cause the solar emitted charged particles which are heading for moderate latitudes on Earth to deviate to the poles, creating the auroras. With less condensation nuclei for the lower latitudes, cloud forming is inhibited, allowing for more sunlight to hit the earth surface and consequently more global warming.

    "Believe" is not a good practice for discovering how the earth works. Consider it a set of N not linear equations with M variables and likely M>>N. Approaching that with the preconception that X <> A is unlikely to help solving it. Moreover there is evidence that climate and solar magnetic activity correlate.
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    The paper says that the evidence is strongest for a correlation between climate and cosmic rays on a millenial scale.But how inportant are cosmic rays in seeding cloud formation compared to dust particles from earth,for example?
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    Man activity in producing aerosols and dust particles due to industrial activity would very well exceed CR. Its deposited right into troposphere.

    Cloud condensation nucleii (CCNs) and the whole process does not even seem to be that easy. More nucleii does not mean more clouds!
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    "More nucleii does not mean more clouds!"

    Yes.Otherwise the dirtiest industrial regions would always be the cloudiest.
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