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Patent the use of a material/section

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    Is it possible to patent the use of a certain steel section for a certain appication?

    For example patenting the use of channel section for the use in a collapsable lift design?
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    I think you could. Any good patent has to be general enough to cover not just your specific configuration but any similar configuration which may be competitive. Your patent won't be a patent on the section, it will be a patent on the application of that section for your design. I would think the patent would be for the design first, with the section being essentially part of your first claim.

    Take for example, a frangible disconnect for the rocket launching industry. The frangible portion of the disconnect breaks as the rocket rises, resulting in half the disconnect remaining on the rocket. To do this you may have bolts with a notch in them to allow for breakage at a specific, repeatable force. The same bolt may need to be strong in bending while being weak in tension, so your patent may cover a bolt that has a crack half way through it and the first claim would describe this geometry in as broad a sense as possible.
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    Thanks Q Goest,

    That makes perfect sense. Thanks for your respsonse.

    Many Thanks

    Mech King
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