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Medical Pathogenesis of Dengue? Can someone outline it?

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    I was wondering if someone can give me a brief outline of the pathogenesis of Dengue?

    All I know is that it is caused by a virus who's vector is Aedes Aegypti.

    What I want to know is how it enters cells, which cells it targets, how it replicates, and how it causes the symptoms of dengue fever/dengue hemorrhagic fever.

    An example of what I mean is with this video on HIV:


    They explain the cells the virus targets, the way it enters the cell, and the way it replicates.

    From another site, I found out that HIV leads to apoptosis of these cells, that some may be marked for destruction by killer T cells, and that others may die of excessive disruption of the cell membrane. This would lead to a low count of immune system cells, leading to the individual eventually becoming severely immunocompromised (AIDS).

    Just a basic outline like that is what I want for dengue, but I can't seem to find anything concrete like I can for AIDS.

    I hear the terms hemostasis disturbance and increased vascular permeability thrown about, which are terms that I have a very basic understanding of. Hemostasis I guess refers to clotting, and vascular permability refers to the permeability of vascular tissue to certain ions. But the sources I find on google don't really explain how this comes about, or how this leads to symptoms.

    I've tried the library as well, and none of the medical books even HAVE anything to do with the pathogenesis of Dengue. I found lots on HIV, but nothing on Dengue.

    So I decided I might as well ask around and see if people can point me in the right direction, or help me with this. I have to do a minor presentation for a second year biology course that doesn't require too much depth.

    Please, help me if you can :(
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    I don't know if this article will help or not. I found some abstracts re cytokines, but original articles cost $.


    EDIT: I wouldn't expect that you will find anything like the volume of research on DF and DHF as you would on HIV/AIDS,
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    google dengue fever pathenogenisis, I found a ton of papers on it.
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    Yes, but a lot of it is repetitious or superficial. It sounded like the OP was looking for the kind of depth one finds in HIV/AIDS research. The article I linked has quite a few references.

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    The article you linked to was ok, your second link is much better..

    I hate spoon feeding people that can't bother to do a google search, but here are links to 119 free articles on it.


    First paper

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