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Pathway to become theorotical physicist

  1. May 1, 2013 #1
    I'm very passionate about physics and want to have knowledge in all branches of physics like quantum mechanics, electromagnetism, relativity, etc
    i'm also interested in astrophysics and cosmology. So what type of education i must take to follow my passion, currently i have finished my 10+2 and preparing for bachelor's admission in mumbai. Thank you.
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    This article from ZapperZ should answer many questions (it is linked here, too). I don't know what 10+2 is, but you do not have to choose specific areas of physics before you plan to do your bachelor thesis.
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    In india, 10+2 is the end of school education where we finish learning basic calculus, classical mechanics , etc and then go for bachelor.
    Which bachelor course will be benifical for me in future?
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