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Pauli to Sommerfeld on Discrete Derivative

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    Resders of the forum could enjoy this pdf

    In page 3 of the letter (1 of the transcripcion) you can read Pauli sentence of the need of discrete derivatives, which is said to inspire Matrix Mechanics a year later.

    I can not find online some copy or better some translation of Z Phys 16 155. Any help?
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    Looking again to the letters suggested in the book of Olivier Darrigol, it seems that Pauli was no sure if to adscrive the J(J-1) expression to discrete derivative or to integration along one Planck constant. This second possibliity appears in the foot of page 4 (of the handwritten copy) of Pauli to Lande 23/May/1923, also scanned in the CERN database.

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    The two contemporary articles of Pauli are

    26. April 1923 Über die Gesetzmäßigkeiten des anomalen Zeemaneffektes Z P Volume 16, Number 1


    20. Oktober 1923 Zur Frage der Zuordnung der Komplexstrukturterme in starken und in schwachen äußeren Feldern Z P Volume 20, Number 1

    I am now more than one hundred miles away from the journal; does anybody has electronic access to the pdf and/or to some translation?
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