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Perturbation techniques examples please?

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    As expected, my text book and teacher are both lacking clear, concise examples for me to work with, so would someone point me to early examples within the context of "perturbation techniques", preferably with WORKED OUT solutions for cross reference?

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    You're going to have to give us some more info than that. There are lots of different kinds of perturbation techniques. You'll need to help narrow down what you want. e.g., what is the class, what is the book? What kinds of problems are you discussing? Nonlinear differential equations? Quantum mechanics? Something else?

    Here's the general wikipedia page on Perturbation theory, but it might not be all that useful to you until we know what kind of problems you're looking for.
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    Ok, taking a class called "singular perturbations". Book is (he claims he's following it only loosely) Advanced Mathematical Methods for Scientists and Engineers: Asymptotic Methods and Perturbation Theory (v. 1)" Bender, Carl.
    We are starting with algebraic equations and transcendental equations.
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