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Suggestion PF needs a medical physics forum

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    I think this has been mentioned somewhere before, but I'd like to request that a medical physics forum be created. Under the physics category there are forums for pretty much every field: classical, quantum, nuclear/particle, solid state, etc. There are many medical physics people out there as well as students interested in talking about it.

    There are more than enough topics to warrant its own forum: IMRT, VMAT, Optimizations, treatment planning, image-guided radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, diagnostic imaging, brachytherapy, quality assurance, phantoms, CT, MRI, PET, ... and the list goes on.

    Opinions welcome :)
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    How many threads are there in the general physics forum that would be more suitable to be posted in a medical physics forum? There has to be a demand before a new forum is made.
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    As long as there are no people wanting to discuss these things here, wealth of subjects doesn't guarantee traffic.
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    Most medical physics topics would fit within other disciplines of physics. What makes it medical physics is the application of the research, not the basic science behind it. The vast majority of it would fit within nuclear physics, since that's the science and technology behind the medical applications.

    Usually, the only posts I see about medical physics around here are the occasional student asking about career options or choosing a school for graduate study, which are pretty much all redundant questions.

    If someone has questions more pertaining to the medical side than the physics side, they are also welcome to post those questions in the medical sciences forum. That's a broad category of anything pertaining to medicine.
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