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Programs PhD in Math: How high can I aim for?

  1. Nov 16, 2008 #1
    I am trying to decide what schools to apply to for PhD program in math. I will be getting my B.A. in math and physics in May (double major) from pretty a public university. I have had Real Analysis, Linear & Abstract Algebra, Complex Analysis, College Geometry, Differential Equations, some pretty advanced statistics. I have 4.00 GPA in all my math and physics classes. I have done some minor physics research. I can get recommendation letters from any/all professors I've ever taken classes with. So, the question is how high can I aim for without looking too ridiculous?
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    I don't think you've taken enough math classes. That will probably be a big hurdle for competitive programs.
    Did you take one or two semesters of Real Analysis and Algebra? If you've only had a semester of analysis, a semester of algebra, and no topology, it's going to be hard to be competitive.
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    I am entirely sure if this is correct, but you may have an easier time getting into a masters program, finishing that and then applying to a phd program.
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    I honestly don't see you as lacking in the number of classes you have taken...plus you should apply to whatever school fits you as far as research, geography, etc. and consequently no one on this board will be able to do that for you. But if you are applying for fall 09 then you should probably already have chosen your schools since deadlines are closely approaching, if not already passed.
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