Photon Yield/Intensity MCNP6

I am working on a problem determining dose rate using MCNP6. I am following two papers that did the same type of simulation and in them they multiply the tally results by the photon yield also called the photon intensity to detrime the dose rate. My question is where does one find this value ? Is it in the output file or are there tables of yield for different isotopes? Thanks in advance.
the yield dépends of your radionuclide.
For example Co-60 emits two photons 1.33 and 1.17 MeV for one Bq so for 1 GBq it emits 2E9 g/s.
For Cs-137 the intensity is 85 % for 662 keV so for 1 GBq it emits 8.5E8 g/s
you can have, for example, this data on the site :
Thank you so much for that link its exactly what I was looking for!

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