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Physicist claims victory over traffic ticket with physics paper

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    A physicist at the University of California San Diego used his knowledge of measuring bodies in motion to show in court why he couldn't be guilty of a ticket for failing to halt at a stop sign. The argument, now a four-page paper delving into the differences between angular and linear motion, supposedly got the physicist out of a $400 ticket. If you want to use this excuse, you'll have to learn a little math -- and some powers of persuasion.
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    Ha! I imagine the judges were just confused by his explanation and just let him go on that point. But I don't know whether or not he was just bullgarbageting or not. Anybody on this forum want to comment on its validity?
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    This lays the foundation for the end to all moving violations.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    He couldn't be seen stopping because a car was in the way? Hmmm. Saying he defeated this with physics is at least an overstatement.
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    That's a psychologists area, not a physicists!
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    That is awesome.
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    Judge to physicist: "If I dismiss the ticket, will you shut up?"

    Best comment on that site. And it's probably what happened. :biggrin:
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