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Schools Physics 1 (University Physics) Online

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    Due to time restraints and the fact that my university won't let me take classes at a two year (But won't offer it during the summer themselves -_-) I need to find an accredited four year+ school that offers Physics 1 online over the summer. I've been looking around but haven't found anything as of yet.
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    No one? :(
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    I think it's rather unrealistic to expect someone with your precise experience to come along and reply within an hour and a half. It's also quite a strange request-- I'm not entirely sure why you'd want to find some online university in order to complete one introductory class for your degree. If your school tells you you cannot take it concurrently with another class, or that they will not let you take it over the summer, then there's probably a reason for that.

    Anyway, I'm most probably not from your country (although you do not even say where that is) so won't be able to help you. Have you tried discussing this with your advisor in your department?
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    I already have a degree so my school won't let me take any classes at a community college. I live in the US but seeing as its a distance ed request I don't think the country matters. The reason I want to take it over the summer is to get ahead, otherwise I would end up having to wait another semester before I matriculate.

    The reason I bumped the initial is things fall rather fast around here.
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    Your school could be in violation of an articulation agreement if they refuse to accept credit from a community college. I teach an online algebra-based physics course at Chemeketa Community College and my students never have had a problem. I would encourage you to get something in writing, then bring it to your local community college and see what happens. Regarding your specific problem, I am not aware of any entirely online calculus-based physics courses.
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