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Physics and Mathematics syllabus

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    Please help!!!

    Please ,now I am about to finish my high school in Egypt and here in Egypt the Physics and Mathematics syllabus is not so good- at least for me- and I am about to enter to the faculty of computer engineering if i score well at high school.I love maths and physics greatly although i can't enter their faculties as there are no vacancies here in Egypt for physicts and Mathematicians and they suffer unemployment so I want to learn physics and maths although there aren't enough opportunities for making expirements or getting help and things like that . I want to learn physics online or from available books online or affordable in my country not for passing exams but for adding the best of mine to the world of physics.Is that possible during my faculty study or it needs complete proficiency and how i can start as I found a lot forums and online books and tutorials and millions of subjects and I am completely puzzled .I want to participate in thinking about string theory ,m-theory, relativity,unifying forces and things like that but whenever i enter any pages about any of these subject i found that I must have had a lot of knowledge in Maths and other branches of physics so i couldn't even think freely in the subject and it's problems, so please any suggestions(What do i need ?,where to start?, is that possible during study and work?)???????????and thanks in advance.......(I don't assume that I am the unknown physict that will solve the world's problems but as god is the creator of all minds so i think i can think..........)
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    well, what is your background in Math and Physics so far?
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    thanks for that great link but aren't there any supporting tutorials and videos and in what level i will be in physics if i finished all of these lectures in physics , and for my background I am nearly excellent in both in the school syllabus as I have taken 2 years calculus ,1 solid geometry ,1 mechanics, and all years in algebra and geometry and in physics I took heat,pressure,modern physics,electricity,sound,light (all are basics as the physics syllabus is only about 200 pages in all of that categories ,that's the physics syllabus in high school
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    If you want to learn to the level you are talking about below, I would say that is probably not possible. There are simply not enough good physics resources online to do this. The MIT courses linked previously are probably your best bet, but as you found out you'll still need to get books.

    The things you are talking about are advanced graduate level topics (well, maybe not relativity). To start, you might look at a university physics department webpage and see what courses an undergraduate physics major is required to take and go from there. But again, you will need textbooks.
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    Ok i understood, i know that i will use books but what books i can find millions of books here and there but you told me to start from undergraduate studies ok that's good and i can also buy books and i can go to alexandria bibliotheque here and it is from the best libraries in the world but please can that be done during university study and work and please is MIT the best online resource for physics if so what books i will need to get started also to what level i have to learn maths and calculus to get in any subject in physics????
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