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Studying Physics, Chemistry or Nanotechnology?

  1. Jul 28, 2016 #1
    I am an university student, and I have the opportunity to choose the career in semester 5. Now, I am in semester 4 and I am indesicive between Physics, Nanotechnology and Chemistry. I am very afraid, It could be possible that you say me your experiences. I am interesning in materials, energy and pharmaceutical. The problem with Nanotechnology is that in the career I will not have Organic Chemistry.
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    What is the problem?

    You don't have enough information to try to make up your mind?

    Or, you have all the information needed, but it doesn't seem to help you make a decision?

    You can write down the arguments for and against, and see which one you should weight more.

    For example, if you are interested in pharmaceutucals, that is a clear business field/money making field. So if you are interested in the corporate world as well, those two have synergy.

    Or, physics and energy may help you to solve the energy crisis, which is how you want to help leave a legacy for mankind.
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    I don't have enough information
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    Good to know that, what you should do right now is describe what you are planning on becoming in the future to make people understand what suggestion they should be making for you and tell you what is right for you and what's not!
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    How is that possible after 4 semesters? What information do you think you need more?
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