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Physics individual investigation

  1. Jun 17, 2013 #1
    °Hey guys, so I'm in year 12 and ive got to do an individual investigation about anything I want for my Welsh Bac qualification. Naturally as I wish to study Physics at Uni, I want to do my individual investigation on something physics related.

    The difficult thing is that i need to compare my subject with something in Wales (uk) to another country.

    im intrested in:
    °travelling at the speed of light, electrons needing 14B eV to do it etc
    °Expansion of the universe, how fast, etc
    °invisible plantes etc
    °alot of space stuff really

    But i need it to be relatable to countries on earth waaa

    I'd be really greatful for any advice on what i could investigate, thats anything to do with physics thanks.

    Lochlainn Marynicz x
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    If there were invisible plants in Wales and Belgium, how could you tell?
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    The gravity you experience in Wales, vs. in other countries. Which counties have more vs. less gravity than Wales?
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    Renewable energy topics:
    ** Solar insolation versus other countries,
    ** Wind power available versus other countries
    ** Geothermal energy sources versus other countries
    ** Hydroelectric energy available versus other countries

    Hint -- you can use Google Images to search for things like European Energy Maps, etc.

    You could also research WiFi coverage or other high-tech connectivity issues in your country versus other countries....
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