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Fire investigation, sometimes referred to as origin and cause investigation, is the analysis of fire-related incidents. After firefighters extinguish a fire, an investigation is launched to determine the origin and cause of the fire or explosion. Investigations of such incidents require a systematic approach and knowledge of basic fire science.

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  1. Anjish

    Critical frequency of Faraday Waves?

    TL;DR Summary: A fluid on a vertically vibrating plate will, upon reaching a certain frequency and acceleration, produce standing waves on its surface. These are called Faraday waves, first described by Michael Faraday in 1831. Faraday waves are still an active area of research today, more than...
  2. F

    Using PASCO's FFT Ap for Investigation 16D

    I was trying to incorporate this lab into the course, but when I try using a tuning fork on the FFT/Spectrum Analyzer app I can't get a well defined frequency reading. I tried doing the same thing on an opensource FFT app and had the same issue. I am thinking most laptop microphones these days...
  3. P

    Series investigation: divergence/convergence

    Hi everyone! It's about the following task: show the convergence or divergence of the following series (combine estimates and criteria). I am not sure if I have solved the problem correctly. Can you guys help me? Is there anything I need to correct? I look forward to your feedback.
  4. billyt_

    Experimental investigation of Faraday's Law of Induction

    Looking at how the induced EMF is proportional to the rate of change of magnetic flux, intuitively it seems that if I increase the velocity of the magnet through the solenoid, i.e. drop it from a higher height, the EMF should increase as well. However, I am unsure if this is true and can't seem...
  5. H

    Chymotrypsin and trypsin specificity investigation - help please

    I recently carried out an investigation into the specificity of chymotrypsin and trypsin which I am in the process of writing up. In short, combined substrate with enzyme, incubated for 15 mins and measured at 430nm and used trendline equation to determine umol products formed per minute...
  6. AN630078

    Biology Water Potential and Osmosis Potatoes Investigation

    a) Evaporation will remove water from the test tubes as it turns into water vapour, meaning that the solution will have a greater solute concentration and thus an increased osmotic potential which results in a more negative osmotic potential. Consequently this lowers the solution's water...
  7. L

    Calculating the elastic potential energy from a force-extension investigation

    1. The student should use a rubber band, g-clamp, a retort stand, boss and clamp, a mass hanger, 100g masses and a metre rule. The rubber band should be positioned to hang freely from the retort stand, held in place by a g-clamp to the laboratory bench. Measure the length of the rubber band...
  8. J

    Physics Practical Investigation using a mass, a fulcrum and a plank

    Homework Statement: Carry out an investigation into the relationship between the mass of an object (m) and the distance from the fulcrum (d) at which it will cause the plank to tip. Homework Equations: You will use a ruler to model the plank and a pile of quarters (6) to model the mass of the...
  9. Muhammad Saber

    Ampere readings investigation

    I'm working in electrical company in a department in which I receive transformer LV side ampere readings and in most of these readings the neutral has amperege due to unbalanced loading, all I need a method in which I be certain that these readings are actual measured values specially neutral...
  10. W

    Significant figures in practical investigation report

    Homework Statement I am writing a prac report regarding Hooke's Law, and am uncertain how many significant figures I should write my results in in my results table. I have heard that in my prac report, I must keep my significant figures consistent, that is, all data measured by the same device...
  11. C

    Ski Lift Physics Investigation

    Hello Everybody! I am looking for some help in formulating an investigation topic relating to ski lifts. What measurable physics topics relate to ski lifts? One idea I came up with how much downward pressure of riders on a chairlift would overcome the friction of the haul rope (the cable) on...
  12. Z

    Investigation about the emission spectrum of Mercury

    Homework Statement For our investigation, we used a diffraction grating spectrometer to observe the emission spectrum of mercury. We conducted the experiment in a pitch black room to avoid any unwanted light pollution, etc. Whilst conducting the experiment we observed a number of 'faint' lines...
  13. R

    Mathematical topics for high school investigation

    In the IB diploma program, they ask for a "Mathematical Exploration", where I have to deal with a topic with mathematical tools. For example: How to get the perfect exit of Gymnastics Bars? In "exploration" you have to see the measurements, the angles, velocity trajectories, mathematical tools...
  14. mpolo

    Experimental investigation of c in electric & magnetic fields

    I have been researching a question I have concerning the speed of light in magnetic AND electric fields. I came across an article in arvix but could not quite understand what they were saying. I am not a scientist I am just curious. There was a statement in which was shrouded in a strange...
  15. J

    Help with designing an investigation

    Homework Statement We have been asked to design an investigation into transformers. The equipment list given is: coils of wire, iron core, ammeter, voltmeter, loudspeaker, signal generator and an oscilloscope. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I know that you could investigate how...
  16. F

    Issues with my investigation in capacitance

    This is a simpler issue but I need some help nonetheless. I have been carrying out an investigation on how the dielectric size of a capacitor affects its time constant. In theory the larger the dielectric the smaller the capacitance and therefore the smaller the time constant. However although I...
  17. S

    Investigation about the inverse square law of light radiation

    Homework Statement *Main ideas in bold[/B] Investigation of the inverse square law of light radiated from a light bulb. (done method, diagram, results and graph) Independent variable = the distance from the LDR (cm) Dependent Variable = resistance (k/ohms) Brief method: using an LDR, bulb...
  18. P

    Need help starting a Scientific Investigation Report

    Homework Statement My investigation report concerns Newton's second law and testing it to conclude that the Force is directly proportional to the acceleration. We measured a cart down a runway with mass increments of 10g per result. Starting off with 100g attached to the cart via thread (+...
  19. S

    Investigation into electric guitar pickups

    Hello, I am currently taking the IB program and have decided to write my EE (extended essay [4,000 words]) in physics. I am going to investigate electric guitar pickups and I need help adding more 'depth' to the essay. Currently, I plan to create my own model pickup by winding a coil of enamel...
  20. G

    Other Exploring Mechatronics: An EEI Investigation

    Hello all, Next term I will have to conduct an extended experimental investigation on any topic of my choice! Yes! My passion primarily lies in technology as a whole, and as I plan to study mechatronics in university, I am inclined to do an EEI that will give me some insight into my potential...
  21. H

    Bifilar investigation compared with real lifesituationbridge

    I did an experiment at school, about the bifilar pendulum, the experiment was with rulers and clampstands and strings to model a bridge. How would that be similar/different to the real life situation of an actual bridge. e.g. effects of friction, or restoring force
  22. L

    Death of 3 Dogs After Drinking Water from Kent Lake: Investigation Begins

    https://uk.news.yahoo.com/three-dogs-die-drinking-kent-lake-011715191.html Have you seen this one? Does the green-blue algae hypotesis fit with the nearly instantaneous death of the dogs that drank the water?
  23. I

    A Investigation of slit width influence on photoluminesce spec

    Hey there ! Does anybody have got any, any literature describing the effect of slit width and orientation of colloid Earth dopped nanocrystals (example NaGdF4 : Er, Y b) influence on PL Spectra? I will be very grateful for any book, article or your own helpful depiction ;)
  24. Lizette Delbosque

    Collision Investigation (2-D)

    Homework Statement I apologize in advance because this is a long question. This is a scenario based question where I role play as an intern for the Montreal Police Collision Investigation Unit. Basically I have to determine the initial velocity of vehicles to determine whether or not they are...
  25. Paulene Gueco

    Science fair physics Investigation

    Hi, guys! So my school has a science fair coming up, and I've decided to do an experimental research on this topic: Determination of thermoelectric characteristics in the ambient environment of Qatar. I'll be using peltier tiles...? I live in Doha, Qatar. Thoughts? Thanks :)
  26. M

    An investigation on the factors affecting skiing

    < Mentor Note -- thread moved to HH from the technical physics forums, so no HH Template is shown > Hello everybody! I am posting this in hopes of further guidance and help on a high school essay assignment. I am required to make an investigation with an experiment(s) that explores a certain...
  27. A

    Physics investigation guidance: Vibration of circular plate

    Hi, I have previously made a post in order to gain some insight in my rather out of control project. Long story short I am investigating vibration of a circular plate and its standing waves. After consultation at this forum I have been guided in the direction of acoustics and bessel functions...
  28. A

    Possible sources of error/uncertainty in bifilar pendulum?

    in my AH physics investigation - measuring acceleration due to gravity, I used the bifilar suspension pendulum btw a light gate was used for the errors/problems section so far I have problems in making the rod level and keeping the two strings parallel, also all the random, calibration and...
  29. A

    Possible sources of error in compound pendulum experiment?

    completing my advanced higher physics investigation - measuring acceleration due to gravity for the oscillating mass on a spring experiment so far I have included friction between the nail & oscillating rod as a possible source of error can anyone think of anything else? thank you very much...
  30. 3

    Investigation into the behavior of microwaves

    Hi, For an assignment at school I am looking into the behaviors of microwave propagation. For instance I have familiarized myself with Fraunhoffer diffraction (Single slit, Double slit and grating) and an amount of wave mechanics in general. What I would like to do however is to link all...
  31. Etienne

    Science Fair *Investigation / Paper*

    So, I want to write a paper for this year's science fair. I wanted to ask, if anyone could give me a few suggestions on some cool topics? It doesn't necessarily have to be Chemistry, it could be Physics, Mathematics, Bio, etc. If anyone has some ideas about Food Chemistry, that'd be cool too...
  32. A

    Can I get some help with my investigation?

    Fist off, this isn't homework, so... I'm doing an investigation, calculating gravity, and I have 2 experiments ready, with everything accounted for. However, I do not know some variables for my other 2 experiments. 1. Ball on a Slope. I am rolling a ball on a slope through 2 light gates, and...
  33. Z

    Investigation of a Rotating Cylinder

    Hello all, I have some confusion about rotating. The bad thing is that I don't know where the point is which my confusion starts. As I want to check also my fundamental knowledge about the topic I will ask my questions step by step to see where my problem begins. I hope you don't mind. My...
  34. O

    High-School Physics Practical Investigation- Need Help

    Hey Guys, I'm a high-school student from Australia, and I am an avid lover of physics! I'm top of my class, however I am not a physicist so please explain things at a level I would understand. I am also new to the forum so i apologize in advance for any mistakes. As part of my VCE studies, I...
  35. 2

    Colision Investigation Problem

    Homework Statement You are starting a job for Montreal Police Colision Investigators. Your boss tells you to file a report on an accident on Notre-Dame Street. There has been an accident involving 2 cars. Your findings are as follows: Numerous debris were found at a distance of...
  36. G

    Collision Investigation Problem (2-D Linear Momentum, etc.)

    My class was given a packet with several scenario questions. I've got the rest of them completed and this is the only one remaining. So I know that the question involves: Momentum Conservation (2-D): Inelastic collisions, Work-energy: Conservation of energy with friction, Dynamics: Newton's...
  37. S

    Momentum Investigation: Car collision

    (Q) A Ford car of mass 1138kg, collides with a Vauxhall car, of mass 1849kg, stationary at a stop line. The ford stops immediately but pushes the Vauxhall forward 13.42m. Was the Ford traveling over 13.41m/s before the collision? I can't seem to find a solution as everything I have tried...
  38. D

    Mousetrap Experimental Investigation

    For an investigation, I have built a mousetrap car. The two variables in this investigation is the mass of the mousetrap car and the distance it travels. When there is no added mass on the cart, it does not travel far due to massive wheel slippage. As I increased the mass it carried, it traveled...
  39. T

    Bouncing ball investigation

    Hi, I just need some help with 3 questions that is asked in my rubric for this investigation. I have already done the experiment to investigate the relationship between the height from which a ball is dropped and the height of the resulting bounce Homework Statement 1) Draw a graph of average...
  40. Greg Bernhardt

    News EPA hands over fracking investigation to Wyoming

    EPA hands over investigation to the state who is being funded by an oil company? http://rt.com/usa/epa-fracking-study-water-pollution-073/
  41. L

    Physics individual investigation

    °Hey guys, so I'm in year 12 and I've got to do an individual investigation about anything I want for my Welsh Bac qualification. Naturally as I wish to study Physics at Uni, I want to do my individual investigation on something physics related. The difficult thing is that i need to compare...
  42. C

    Physics - Inclined Plane - Experimental Investigation

    Homework Statement A wooden box is at rest on a ramp inclined at an angle Ө to the horizontal. W is the weight of the box and its contents. A frictional force prevents the box sliding down the ramp. A reaction force acts on the box perpendicular to the inclined plane. The inclined plane is...
  43. T

    Physics Investigation Issue Year 12 (Any Ideas)

    Homework Statement For Year 12 Physics I have to do an Investigation Issue of my choice where we research a chosen topic of our own choice. From want the teacher has explained we will research our chosen topic. Some examples he gave us were "Can a swallow (bird) carry a coconut". 2. The...
  44. H

    Investigation of binary numbers

    Hi :-) I have questions regarding the binary properties of numbers. I would like to discuss some very specific attributes of "scalar" values. IF the goal is to compile a pattern recognition algorithm instead of training it with test sets, Then I am investigating a method for the compilation of...
  45. F

    Ideas for physics experimental investigation

    Hey, My name is Mark, I am currently in grade 12. This term we have been given an open topic experimental investigation as an assignment. I have done some research of my own and found a couple of sites dedicated to giving you ideas for this kind of thing but I just really haven't found...
  46. M

    Exploring Memory Periodicity with Chart Analysis

    Hi guys, I've been given the code below and asked to explain the data shown in the attached chart. Any ideas? The data shows periodicity, what could explain it? I know it has to do with memory. ------------------------------------------------------- #include <iostream> #include...
  47. S

    OCR Physics B Practical Investigation HELP ME PLEAAAASE

    Okay, so I'm panicking cause I was supposed to give my draft in two weeks ago... and I haven't... Cause I got stuck... And began to procrastinate... Have started it again now... AND I'M STILL STUCKKKKK! So if someone could just give me the basic answers to these questions, I'll know I'm on the...
  48. L

    Further investigation of classic ladder problem

    Homework Statement I already know the answer, and know "how" to get the answer to this problem: A 10 foot ft ladder leans against a wall at an angle θ with the horizontal [ground], as shown in the accompanying figure (the figure is of a ladder leaning against a wall). The top of the...
  49. A

    Ramp: Forces and Motion Investigation Lab

    Homework Statement We are to use the Ramp: Forces and Motion simulator located at http://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/ramp-forces-and-motion. First part we are to chose 2 objects. I chose the small crate and textbook and then slide then down a ramp at 30 degree angle. Using the...
  50. E

    Resistance-current characteristic in the case of filament lamp (investigation)

    Changing voltage - independent variable current flowing - independent variable The investigation was aimed at measuring current at different potential differences, before the filament lamp started to shine and when it was shining so as to observe both ohmic and non-ohmic behaviour. Also after...