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Physics Learning Resources

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    Feel free to use this thread to post online learning resources for physics. This may include PDFs, free online books, web apps, problem sets, calculators, tutorials, guides, lessons etc etc.

    First stop should be our very our PF Insights blog which hosts many physics tutorials
    https://www.physicsforums.com/insights/category/physics/ [Broken]

    Please don't just post a link, include a description and why it is worthwhile for people to check out.

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    This site is handy for the novice in regards to particle point like and wavelike properties, he also does an excellent job on the Higgs field for the laymen. Both math and non math.

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    Here is a collection of several articles, and reprints of some historical articles, handy for the student to gain perspective on some key moments in Physics history.

    Reprint of one of Hubbles papers.
    An authorized reprint of Einsteins Special relativity paper.
    The "Great debate of the 20's" jubilee reprint article available
    Good reference site covering Bells theorem.
    good historical coverage of many of the key figures in Cosmology history
    http://arxiv.org/abs/1302.1498 " “The Waters I am Entering No One yet Has Crossed”: Alexander Friedman and the Origins of Modern Cosmology" written by Ari Belenkiy
    http://arxiv.org/pdf/1212.5499.pdf "The Contribution of V. M. Slipher to the Discovery of the
    Expanding Universe" by C. O’Raifeartaigh
    http://www.gutenberg.org/files/17384/17384-pdf.pdf "foundations of geometry" David Hilbert
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    I'm surprised that I haven't seen this mentioned on these forums yet! [/PLAIN] [Broken]


    This is a site created by Brian Greene. It has hundreds of quick Q&As which offer explanations for physics phenomenon (without math), but it also currently features a ~10-week course for free in special relativity, taught by Brian Greene, including the math behind it (simple enough to be done with a high school math background).

    When the site was first launched, Greene was working on (mathematical) courses in quantum mechanics and general relativity, but it's been a while and they're yet to appear, but maybe some day those will be there too.
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    "A Brief Introduction to Physics for Mathematicians"

    I found this set of notes while browsing the web. This was given as a graduate mathematics course at the University of Michigan. It contains lot's of differential geometry and functional analysis, but the main topics are the derivation of Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics and how that leads into Yang-Mills theory.

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    Check out http://www.phykings.com/ . You can have online physics competitions with other users. It seems promising.
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    Thanks for all you sharings !
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    This site offers courses on many different university fields including physics and mathematics. There are so many video lectures and Web based courses.
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    This is a link to a YouTube Channel Viascience.
    Most of the time you'll see that there are two types of videos about Relativity and Quantum Mechanics on YouTube.
    1. Math free and completely animated ones
    2. University level lectures.

    This channel has something in between. He focuses on concepts but also includes necessary maths to make it rigorous.

    Check it out!
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    well if you want to learn physics number website is
    www.physicsclassroom.com it has animations,exercises,explanations of concepts nicely and chronological manner.

    another to master complete physics is you can learn from youtube from very famous author:-
    1)high school physics by dale fullerton
    2)ap physics by dale fullerton
    3)physics by khan academy
    4)physics by thenewboston
    5)physics by bozmen science

    these are best tutorials for learning physics in youtube.
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    i wanted to post name of good websites for learning physics www.physicsclassroom.com
    best tutorials for learning physics are
    physics by bozmen science
    physics by thenewboston
    high school physics by dale fullerton
    ap physics by dale fullerton

    i posted here thank you sir
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    thanks a lot for guide
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    Here's my personal favourites:

    The Classical Mechanics and EM course by Walter Lewin.
    He has very good explanations without a lot of math. The demonstrations and experiments are the best.

    For people who don't know calculus, here's a good short introduction that's very fun to read.

    Calculus Made Easy F.R.S

    My favourite Classical Mechanics book

    Classical Mechanics Morin

    My favourite EM book


    My favourite quantum mechanics book
    Principles of Quantum Mechanics by Shankar.

    Another good Quantum Mechanics intro is OCW. 8.04.

    My favourite Thermal book

    Thermal Physics Schroeder

    A good intro to General Relativity.

    A first course in General Relativity[/URL]

    Here are some problems from the University of Toronto Physics Olympiad Training Program (UfT POPTOR). I made a google drive folder.

    POPTOR Problem Sets

    For relativity, one of my favourite problem books (and it's available for free legally!) is

    Problem Book in Relativity by Alan P. Lightman, William H. Press, Richard H. Price, and Saul A. Teukolsky

    A good site with tutorials and a problem solving community is

    Brilliant. It's mainly math problems, but there are some good physics problems out there.

    This website contains the best classical mechanics problems ever.

    Problem of the Week Harvard.

    This youtube channel has tons of problems and solutions

    Physics Galaxy
    Check out this website for past high school physics contests and solutions.

    IPhO problems

    F=ma and USAPhO problems

    Finally, if you found this post useful, check out my website


    I just started out but it's gonna include cool problems, resources, high school contest advice and more!
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    So nice of u..
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