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Schools Physics/Mathematics from the Open University

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    Well this is my second query on this forum on this very helpful forum :)
    As suggested by the title, I am considering a additional degree from the Open University. Whether it will be Physics or Mathematics I have not decided, as of now. But my query pertains to the acceptance of Open University degree in job hunting. While I want to do this degree completely out of my selfish interest to learn, I would not want to spend money (which is, for always, in short supply for me) without maximising my benefits.

    Thanks in advance people!
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    Hello there, as a graduate of the open university I can honestly say that the degree is regarded highly, a lot of associate lectures (your main point of contact for a course you do) are employeed by universities. Always remember that all UK degrees are externally examined by other academics who sign off on the quality, this ensures that standards do not slip.

    The biggest quality recognised by employers is that the person that undertakes a degree that takes six years to complete, has no long breaks for holidays and required study time from February to October is that of independence and determination as well as excellent time management.

    I went on to LSE to do a MSc and am now at Imperial for another MSc, these universities certainly rate the OU.

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