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Homework Help: Physics momentum and impulse questions

  1. Mar 25, 2012 #1
    an 8.0 N force acts on a 5.0 kg object for 3.0 sec. what impulse is given to the object? what change in momentum does to his impulse cause? if the object's initial velocity is 25 m/s determine the final velocity of the object?

    i have the right answers cuz my teacher gave them to use .. but i dont know how to get there.. am i suppose to combine both masses? and use the impulse equation which is p=f.t ??

    i am really confused and i would really appreciate any help thanks.

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    This is all really straightforward. It is asking you for the impulse. Well, what is the definition of impulse?
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    isn't it a force.. i am really confused btw the meaning of impulse and momentum
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    There is only one mass mentioned here, there is no other mass to "combine" it with.
    If an impulse acts on a body it causes a change of momentum of that body. Equate the impulse to the change of momentum as: F·∆t = m·∆v

    Q: what are the units of momentum?
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