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Physics of Figure Skating

  1. Feb 3, 2006 #1
    I maintain a blog where I write about physics for a general audience, and I wanted to let everyone know about my latest entry, which is on the physics of figure skating. With the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics only a week away, I thought it might be fun to collect links related to the physics of the sports being contested. In my write-up, I link to some other physics of figure skating sites, as well.

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    Well, nearly anything that figure skaters do (of interest, anyways) relates to the conservation of angular momentum... If you look that up, you'll find lots of examples.
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    Fan, I think you need to copy and paste over the code for the blogger bar at the top of the site, its not showing up right, for me.
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    To supplement my figure-skating write-up, I've now added a collection of links on the physics of other Winter Olympic sports, such as luge, hockey, and skiing.

    I hope that my webpage shows up properly for most of you. It looks OK to me. I know that on different browsers and different computers, things can look different, however.
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    Fan, you've really helped me with finding how math is used in figure skating. Thanks for helping!
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    Oh it works good for me now.

    But I can't comment :frown: I have an RSS button you might like I made myself. I can send you the code.
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