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Other Physics or math? guidance needed.

  1. May 6, 2016 #1
    hello. i want to register for uni soon but i'm having trouble deciding what to choose to study. the key problem is that even though i find both fields interesting, i don't know in which of them i am more likely to succeed. my question is, which specific skills are needed for maths and which specific skills are needed for physics, and how can i determine which of them come more natural for me? i'm not talking about things like passion/dedication/hard work etc, i mean the core talent, way of thinking and processing information that a person either has naturally or not. i'm sorry if this sounds like a silly question but i'm really having trouble over this. and i hope this is the correct forum, i'm sorry i'm new.
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    Unfortunately there's no fool-proof way to figure this out other than trial and error.

    The good thing is that typically for degrees in physics and mathematics the first year is pretty common, so regardless of which one you choose, you likely won't diverge too much course-wise until your second year and hopefully by then your strengths will be a little more clear.

    And if you're still on the fence there's always the double major option. This allows you to get enough exposure to both subjects and be qualified for graduate school in both, but at the consequence of giving up a number of electives that would come with a single major.
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