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Planck's constant, basic understanding help

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    I'm currently a GCSE candidate but i am reading books on quantum physics as i intend on studying it for A level. I'm slightly confused on Plancks constant. I dont understand where the value of 6.63*10^-34 comes from, and i don't understand what it represents, if that actually makes sense.

    I undertsnad the equation


    is used where h is Planks constant and is used to work the energy of a quantum or 'packet' of energy, but again don't understand how it has come about and don't understand what it is supposed to be.

    Sorry if this sounds very amateurish but we all have to start somewhere, the help would be appreciated.
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    Planck's constant is obtained by experimental measurement. It is no more or less than the constant needed for E=hf.
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