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Plans for a biophysics section?

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    Hello hello! I realize the 4.0 migration is top priority now but was wondering about this. Are there any plans to add a Biophysics section in the future? I remember hearing that each section requires at least one active "expert" user in the field as a sort of moderator so that requirement might be holding it back. Right now posts related to biophysics such as the folding of proteins could really go in about 4 different sections and still be relevant. Those being General Physics, Chemistry, Medical Science, and Biology. I can see the fact that biophysics is so interdisciplinary can make the decision to make its own section non-trivial.

    Any info on this would be lovely and appreciated.
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    Welcome Vannay! At this time a biophysics question is most welcome in either the physics or biology forums. We have lots of people ready to help out in both sections.
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    Please note we don't create empty sections in hope to attract traffic - we know from experience it doesn't work. When there is enough traffic to guarantee new section, we will happily open it to make forum easier to navigate. As of today I don't see it.
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