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Plasma Reactor creating gravitational fields

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    Ran across this about 2 months ago and have been following it closely. KesheFoundation led by a Mr. Keshe claims to have developed a reactor that manipulates plasma in a vortex that creates what they call Magravs or an interaction between the magnetic fields of two elements. They are claiming the reactor creates a gravitational field they can manipulate to counter or shield items contained in the field from the earth's or any celestial body's gravitational field. In essence anti-gravity. Their theories on the science behind the reactor is quite complex and confusing. Anyone who can decipher it, give me your thoughts.​

    Their website: www.keshefoundation.org
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    Simon Bridge

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    It's not hard to spot the junk:
    We have proved through the systems we have developed that have an internal structure similar to the dual core of the Earth, that gravity is created by the interaction of magnetic fields within the different cores of the planet.
    ... Earth has more than one core and gravity is just a magnetic interaction?

    There's supposed to be "international patents" - so where are they?

    From the link to the 2009 article:
    Keshe launching energy generation and space exploration plasma technology
    He plans to publicly demonstrate the technology to thousands of people in major cities around the world next year [i.e. 2010]; and he plans to start booking flights for space travel – e.g. up 60 km above the earth – by 2014, and for flights to the moon by 2016, ... Keshe briefly explained the science behind the technology. "It's not anti-gravity," he corrected me. Rather, what happens is that his plasma reactor creates a local imitation of the Earth's magnetic-gravitational properties, complete with magnetosphere, providing protection from the cosmic rays that can otherwise be deadly outside of the Earth's atmosphere. Because the phenomenon is local to the reactor, a gravitational force of 1-G is maintained for all craft occupants, including during acceleration and deceleration.

    I notice I cannot directly link to particular pages so people have to hunt.
    There are no clear statements about how it works, no published studies, work is in secret and wild claims are common.

    Keshe claims to be a nuclear engineer ... his CV is:
    ... full of uncheckable statements like
    From November 2004 to March 2005 his technology was under consideration by scientists at a university.
    ... which University? How do we check the claimed favorable result?
    A paper was published about the direct capture of CO2 and CH4 from the environment, where the CO2 and CH4 were in a liquid state at room temperature and room pressure. The CO2 and CH4 were proven by IR and XRD spectroscopy performed by a Belgian university.
    ... which paper? Where was it published? Why is it important?

    Claims to have published three books ... eg.
    http://www.keshefoundation.org/en/shop/product/view/1/2 [Broken]
    With the present knowledge in the plasma technology and the new understanding of the internal structure of the plasma, the light is and can be considered to be a cylindrical version of the spherical plasma the like of the proton and the plasma of the light is in possession of all three magnetic fields of the matters of the plasma.
    The ray of light is in possession of Magravs (Magnetic and gravitational fields) and hence its own gravity, mass and Magnetosphere, and due to its dynamism this plasma of the light possesses momentum and hence can carry and transfer this momentum as energy to other light rays, tangible and non-tangible entities.
    Thus the speed of the light in the matter environment is not the ultimate speed of matters in the universe, but the speed of light is dictated and controlled by the environmental magnetic field strength which the light operates in.
    It is possible to attain faster speeds than the speed of light in a matter magnetic field strength environment by using the magnetic fields properties of the antimatter plasmatic fields.

    Do you really need us to debunk this?
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    Simon Bridge

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    I agree at first glance and looking for flaws, one would immediately debunk this but i'm a curious fellow and read more.

    His papers are under the Media/Papers tab on the website. Only a few are downloadable due to the claim that the content of most of his papers are in his new book. "The Universal Order of Creation of Matters"

    European Patent Application EP1770715 A1 http://v3.espacenet.com/publicationDetails/biblio?CC=EP&NR=1770715&KC=&FT=E

    Micro plasma reactor; 2007-04-04; TAVAKOLI MEHRAN KESHE [BE]

    A fixed or handheld micro-plasma-reactor can be build-in, connected with and/or inserted into various electrical/electronic devices (i.e. mobile phones, computers), in various objects (i.e. lighting devices in general, light bulb, microchips, IC's), in various container types (i.e. cooking pan) and all type of machines, i.e. vacuum-cleaner, pumps, electrical car, etc., to generate DC current and/or AC, and consequently the various uses resulting from electrical current, for lighting, for heating/cooling, and desired process (i.e. creation magnetic fields). The self-sustaining plasmatic process gives independent functioning without connections to any electrical power network, solar cells or the need to recharge. New type of products will be created. Different type of micro-reactors are decribed, and new methodes of technology.
    European Patent Application EP1770717 A1

    Gravitational and energy system; 2007-04-04; TAVAKOLI MEHRAN KESHE [BE]

    The new method and technology is described to create - under centrifugal and vacuum conditions - in presence of ionization condition - a turbulence, rotation, compressive and heating of a gaseous matter is created in a reactor by at least one central rotative magnetic field with the purpose of creating plasmatic conditions leading to the creation various magnetic fields where at least the interaction of two magnetic field would lead to the creation of at least one gravitational force phenomena. In a reactor-embodiment a chain of energetic events is created via a rotative magnetic initiation of a basic ionization of a gas (i.e. hydrogen) which then triggers a controllable chain of energy transfers (Scintillation) to the next following layer(s) of introduced gasses (i.e. He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe), of all other introduced elements of the periodic table (i.e. Li, Be, K, Ca, Ti, ... Pt, etc.) and/or their introduced molecule combinations (i.e. a vapor). A central colums has magnetic means to start the process. Various concepts, applications and products are disclosed, such as space travel and atomic welding.

    Quack job? Perhaps but his ideas are intriguing.
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    Yes he is making that claim. According to Keshe his tech was used to capture, not crash the UAV. He claims that the undammaged state of the UAV is due to this, otherwise the craft would have been severely damaged and/or destroyed.

    Before you point it out i'll also note that he claims that the UFO sightings people keep reporting of triangular shaped craft with lights on all three corners (descriptions match in most cases), may be attributed to experimental crafts using his reactors. He claims that the interaction between the Magrav fields of the earth and between his reactors emit light and that the pulsating lights on the corners of the craft are his reactors.

    He also believes that UFO sightings can be in most cases attributed to similar tech being researched by the US for the past 40 years.
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    Please note that, per the PF Rules, nowhere in this forum is crackpottery permitted, in any shape or form.

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