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Re·ac·tor is the eleventh studio album by Canadian folk rock musician Neil Young, and his fourth with American rock band Crazy Horse, released in November 2, 1981. It was his last album released through Reprise Records before he moved to Geffen for his next five albums.

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  1. gleem

    New Salt Cooled Nuclear Reactor Approved by NRC

    A California company Kairos has received a permit to build a non power producing salt cooled nuclear reactor at Oak Ridge Tennessee.The reactor is considered safer since it uses a low-pressure mixture of molten fluoride salts of Lithium and Beryllium called FliBe. Molten salt reactors are not...
  2. J

    What is the practical size of a neutron research reactor?

    What is the size of the smallest reactor ever made?
  3. Mathiasrd

    Need help ordering parts for a nuclear fusion reactor

    Sorry for bad english, does anyone know where I can purchase a spherical vacuum chamber made from metal, that preferably ships internationally ?
  4. Astronuc

    Jules Horowitz Reactor (JHR) Material Test Reactor

    The JHR Material Test Reactor is currently under construction at the CEA Cadarache centre. https://jhrreactor.com/en/about/ The CEA began exploring the possibility of designing and building a new reactor to replace its material test reactor called Osiris* in the 1980s and 1990s. The JHR...
  5. gleem

    NuScale Modular Reactor gets NRC certification

    NuScale Power a startup company whose product is a modular reactor of 50 MW has received NRC certification so utilities can reference this reactor in their application to build a power plant using this design...
  6. armoredchestnut

    Hybrid/variable spectrum reactor

    Why have no Variable spectrum reactors been produced? A reactor that could start by burning natural U, like the CANDU or RBMK, and then transition to a fast spectrum seems to be ideal. Running nuclear fuel from raw material to nuclear ash all in one reactor seems to be the solution for people...
  7. M

    Cylindrical and Symmetrical Nuclear Fusion Reactor

    Hello ! I would like to consult you about this cylindrical nuclear reactor model that I have been thinking of with the idea of reducing the friction of the plasmas with the walls of the Toroidal nuclear fusion reactors that causes the plasma temperature to drop and the nuclear reactions to stop...
  8. S

    Determining Thorium requirements for conversion reactor

    For a given fuel and quantity, is there a way to estimate the Thorium requirements?
  9. A

    Why Might Beryllium Be Considered for Use in Nuclear Reactor Fuel?

    This has probably been asked before but why don't commercial LWR use beryllium in the core or more likely around the fuel or mixed within the fuel as an additive? Beryllium gives off 2 neutrons if hit by a neutron that has on average more than 1.9 MeV and also produces neutrons when bombarded...
  10. runningphysics

    Incorrect Calculation of Time for Reactor Energy Phase Change

    I tried using the equation Q'*t= Q1+Q2. Where Q' is the energy of the reactor aka 200,000 kJ and t is the time. Take Q1 to be (1/2m*2257) and Q2 to be (1/2m*4.184*90). The 90 is the change in temperature for the phase change to occur from liquid water to gas, or boiling. Plugged everything in...
  11. S

    What is the best fast reactor fuel and why?

    I'm studying fast reactors. I can't seem to find a clear answer to my question. I know fast reactors are fueled by either plutonium 239 converting uranium 238, or uranium 233 converting thorium 232, or fueled by highly enriched uranium. Which is the better and why?
  12. M

    Other Creating a Nuclear Fission Reactor

    How do I create a nuclear fission reactor? if you can link me up to any places to buy the things or any other sites that would be good.
  13. A

    Size Limitation of fuel Bundle in a nuclear reactor

    What is the limitation of length of a fuel bundle in a nuclear reactor. Can we increase the length of bundle consequently reducing the number of bundles in a fuel channel?
  14. A

    Sound waves inside an inert gas fusion reactor

    Hey, its that under educated guy again, I hope the mighty big brains can spare me my feelings. Anyways, I saw this toy that levitated a ball of water using nothing but sound waves. So naturally I tried to apply this to a plasma and fusion. Using a inert gas reactor, or a fusor for that matter or...
  15. N

    Reactor Performance/Design As A Political Ideology

    Hello, I had an extremely unusual question I was hoping someone could answer (my sincere apologies if I posted this in the wrong forum). I am currently working on a project which aims to assign a point/performance value to new legal legislation (using criteria associated with reactor...
  16. Astronuc

    Hexagonal fuel arrays (VVER and fast reactor fuel)

    I'm working on an interesting task at the moment related to a core and fuel design for a fast reactor system. Given that the system is a fast reactor, we select a sensible lattice, i.e., a triangular or hexagonal lattice. Neutronically, one can solve for the necessary mass of enriched (less...
  17. E

    Taishan nuclear reactor Xenon problem

    French press reports indicate that the first of the two EPRs built at Taishan in Guangdong province has unusually high levels of radioactive noble gases in the primary cooling circuit, presumably as a result of defective fuel bundles...
  18. Shreya

    Understanding the Plasma Confinement in Tokamak Reactor

    Please be kind to help. How is an electric field formed due to toroidal magnetic field? How does the introduction of a poloidal magnetic field confine the plasma? Please answer in the context of Nuclear Fusion Reactor (tokamak).
  19. xpell

    Could a high / very high temperature nuclear reactor operate in Venus?

    Hi. I'm just a curious person with high-school-level scientific knowledge. However, I was wondering if a specially-engineered Generation IV high or very high temperature (800-1,000ºC) nuclear reactor could work in Venus using the local atmosphere at 450ºC as "coolant", just like a "typical"...
  20. Will26040

    MATLAB MATLAB Plug flow reactor optimisation Problem

    The assignment is to find the optimal operating temperature and maximum product concentration of reactant B, assuming a constant temperature across the PFR length. Please could someone help? thanks the reaction is a series reaction: A → B → C (liquid phase) Here is my current code which is...
  21. Xilus

    Have you heard about the French Fusion Reactor?

    Homework Statement:: French Fusion Reactor Relevant Equations:: F=ma Hey anyone here working on the French Fusion reactor? Heard about it over the radio. ITER just been reading the annual reports from CERN. Kind of a fun read if you haven’t read it yet.
  22. E

    Have you seen this stunning 3D model of a VVER reactor made with Blender 3D?

    Made using Blender 3D, version 2.9, rendered in eevee. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/oAmVDw
  23. I

    Using a minimized nuclear reactor for further space travel

    I have been thinking and I thought of a design that may, theoretically result in spacecraft being able to have a self sufficient energy source on board. Here’s my theory, if you have a minimized nuclear reactor (if building something like this is even possible given that the nuclear reaction...
  24. R

    Anyone know a reactor physics book better than Duderstadt and Hamilton?

    I really like the book for how much it covers. There's not a single topic that's missed that is relevant to nuclear reactor design/analysis. Often other books can miss a topic or two. It's just that the style is not to the point and often time is wasted talking about things that are irrelevant...
  25. A

    SLOWFAST, reactor being both slow and fast

    While reading about neutron interactions in a book I noticed that there is some amount of fast fission going on even in a thermal reactor with a water moderator/coolant. So essentially after each neutron that survives to the thermal range and manages to produce a fission event , on average 2 to...
  26. E

    3D model of an RBMK reactor refueling machine

    I made this 3D model of the RBMK-1000 nuclear reactor central hall about 3 years ago. But I did not model the fuel handling machine. Recently I decided to complete it by modeling the fuel handling machine.
  27. T

    Nuclear Reactor Analysis Problem 5.34

    I'm aware that geometric buckling is equal to material buckling when k =1, any pointers on how to set up the boundary conditions for this problem?
  28. E

    Starting a molten salt reactor

    I've been thinking about molten salt reactors a fair bit here and there, and one thing that I keep wondering about is how do they start? Ie How does one take a system of pipes, pumps heat exhangers etc, filled with a solid salt at room temp, to melt that salt, and then operate? Or is the...
  29. L

    Engineering How do I model a Thorium Reactor thermal system?

    Hi, I'm working on a project for a thermal fluids design class in which a theoretical Thorium reactor is to be designed and modeled, and I'm a little bit at a loss for how to start analyzing the problem. I know the system will have 4 fluid systems: an enriched FLiBe system connected via HX to...
  30. E

    Chernobyl Would Chernobyl reactor #4 still have exploded if....

    Would Chernobyl reactor #4 still have exploded if the control rods had not been tipped with graphite? Or would the severity of it just have been mitigated?
  31. C

    Chemical/Paint DIY Sabatier Reactor: Capturing Carbon Dioxide with Magnesium Oxide

    We all are aware of the looming danger of climate change and so I want to do my part. I plan to capture the carbon dioxide from the air using magnesium oxide, turning it into magnesium carbonate, and then heating it up to reverse the process while capturing the carbon dioxide. The Sabatier...
  32. F

    Functioning Molten Salt Reactors: Who Has Made Progress in Their Development?

    Summary: Has there been a functioning molten salt reactor or how far has the development of one reached? By who? Has there been a functioning molten salt reactor or how far has the development of one reached? By who?
  33. D

    Why does a Polywell Fusion Reactor not generate net power?

    why does a polywell not generate net power? what are the loss mechanisms?
  34. E

    What Is the Big Round Thing on Top of a Nuclear Reactor?

    Here is a 3D model I made of a nuclear reactor and reactor core.
  35. mesa

    What are the most important parts of the job for a reactor operator?

    Hey guys, what would you say are the most important aspects of the job of being a nuclear reactor operator?
  36. T

    Reactor fail-safe shutdown at any power density?

    Summary: If SCRAM completely removed all moderator from the reactor, would decay heat still be an issue? My understanding of how decay heat occurs after shutdown in large scale Nuclear Power Reactors. Is that Beta Decay causes residual Neutron activity at a small fraction of the operating...
  37. Dimitris Catzis

    MCNP4c2: Fission Reactions in a Spherical Subcritical Reactor

    Hi, i am new to simulation and for my thesis i have to make a simple simulation by using mcnp4c2. Is anybody familiar with this version of MCNP? I need to calculate the fission reactions per second in a geometry of a spherical sub critical reactor of Uranium with low percentage of U 235 with...
  38. dRic2

    Reactor dynamics with a large reactivity insert

    I was wondering, if I want to understand qualitatively the response of a reactor to a large step insert of reactivity (e.g. more than 2/3 $) is it allowed to neglect the latent neutrons contribution to simplify the equations ?
  39. E

    How would electricity be generated from a nuclear fusion reactor?

    How would electricity be generated from a nuclear fusion reactor? How soon do you think that fusion power plants will become a reality?
  40. dRic2

    Heat transfer in a nuclear reactor and the electrical equivalent

    To write the equation I took as the control volume the following block: and the equation I wrote are: $$ 6m_{f} c_{p_{f}} \frac {dT_{f}}{dt} = 6P - \frac 1 {R_1} (T_f - T_g) \text{ for the fuel}$$ $$ m_{g} c_{p_g} \frac {dT_{g}}{dt} = \frac 1 {R_1} (T_f - T_g) - \frac 1 {R_2} (T_g - T_c)...
  41. C

    Safe zero base reactivity level nuclear fission reactor?

    There are already 4 generations of nuclear fission reactors. (Compare https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_reactor#By_generation.) However among these, there does not seem to be a (maximum) safe nuclear fission reactor design, which immediately stops the nuclear chain reaction when the reactor...
  42. E

    Here is a 3D model I made of the RBMK reactor control room

    Summary: The new HBO miniseries inspired me to use blender 3D to re-create the Chernobyl control room. The HBO miniseries about Chernobyl inspired me use a 3D modeling program called Blender to re-create the RBMK-1000 reactor control room of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. It's about 95%...
  43. parazit

    Mass of the fuel consumed at the reactor each year?

    Hi fellows. I am dealing with the following question and any help to solve it will be a huge favor. Let us consider a nuclear power plant which delivers 100 MWe. The plant is based on a Rankine cycle, where the steam exiting the reactor is at 350 C and water exits the condenser at 20 C. The...
  44. M

    Very specific AGR reactor core question

    I am currently setting up a simulation for thermal hydraulic analysis of an AGR fuel bundle. However, the walls in this type of reactor, have a specific roughness that promototes turbulence which in turn provides better heat transfer characteristics. I am struggling to find data online to...
  45. dRic2

    Neutron's crow flight distance & 2° moment of a distribution

    Hi, I'm looking for a simple explanation of the meaning of the crow flight distance and why it is defined as the second moment of a probability distribution: $$\bar r^2 = \int r^2 p(r)dr$$ Where ##p(r)## is the probability that a neutron is absorbed in the interval ##dr## near ##r##. And what...
  46. Dimitris Catzis

    Proper simulation code for a Nuclear Reactor core

    Hi, I want to make a simple nuclear reactor core simulation to calculate the thermal power production. Is there any open source code with interface (or not) that you recommend to use? The core have cylindrical shape with Uranium( up to 90% enriched) molybdenum fuel,Beryllium reflector and one...
  47. hagopbul

    About the heat carrier in a nuclear reactor

    Hello: I have small question , as I read about the ATF research in the news ,a question present it self , why no one does any research on heat carrier in nuclear reactor that can absorb nuclear radiation and change it to infra red radiation ? Best H
  48. C

    I Non-aquaeous expansion medium for a reactor

    I wanted to ask whether it might be feasible and advantageous to use an expansion medium other that water to go from liquid to vapor to turn a turbine to generate electicity in a reactor. Because of water's very high specific heat and heat of vaporiaztion, would it be possible find another...
  49. S

    Chernobyl and steam explosions

    Hello I must do a report on Chernobyl: before, during and after. I have all I need except for a clear and simple explanation of how steam explosions work in this regard. All the online sites I've been on provide information that is too advanced, and as a non native English speaker, the...