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Please debunk my detoxified boss

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    Well I don't really hate my boss that believes in a detox regiment being healthy for you several times a year, but how would I debunk somebody that did? o:) :redface: :wink: Thank you.
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    well i dont have any idea what your talking about. I never heard of any "detox regiment" before.

    But why debunk him. Why not throw the burden of proof on him and make him prove himself.

    Simply straight up say ok whatever i dont believe your ****. prove yourself with evidence. If he can. Why debunk something that has evidence.

    This is the method ive been using alot in my arguements in religion and other beliefs.

    Simply put: Im good as i am now. Give me evidence for why i should change. Usually the first answer is something that makes no sense at all.

    Like some guy who said I should exercise everyday and stuff. Im like look. im happy how i am. Nothing in my life requires or even recommends i should exercise. Why should I exercise?(im not saying a small walk everyday, im talking full blown arnold swartzneger exercising) The typical answer being. It makes you more self confident, it makes you feel better. Which your response is that your happy how you are now. and just reinforce the prior question. Why should anyone exercise to the max, eat and drink all these weight lifter type stuff. They usually have no good answer. and the not so usually times they just walk away and ignore. It's because there is no good reason to do this.
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    There's only one way of life and that's your own.

    Vitamin suplements for the average healthy adult. Shampoo whose magical vitamins invigorate your hair, face cream that has bio-di oxyl flavenoidal dimorphic visage controlTM, reducing the signs of aging(total nonsense, effect lasts about half an hour, might as well smear ky jelly or vaseline on your face, it'll do the same thing and wont cost you 10 pounds) All these are patently mythical, throw detoxing on the pile, yes eating sensibly and not drinking smoking etc is good for you and you will help your body rid itself of toxins by eating plenty of fruit and veg(antioxidants in fruit and veg) but you don't need any wonderfull vitamins or "magic beans". Also drinking something that tastes like bile with some mystical herbs is not going to make you detox any quicker, unless you happen to throw that vile muck up, then you'll be somewhat less toxed.:rolleyes:

    The benefits of a healthy diet exist but don't believe that suddenly only eating fruit and veg or lowering your protein intake or whatever crackpottery these people come up with in any way really makes you detox significantly quicker than if you just took to eating plenty of fruit and veg with your meals and cut out the beer and cigarettes.

    Some people truly will swallow anything if you'll pardon the pun :biggrin:

    http://www.saga.co.uk/health_news/article/D2164785-92E3-11D6-B8AC-00508BAEC55C.asp?bhcp=1 [Broken]
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    I mostly agree but this is just a little over the top. If you ADD fruits to a fatty diet you're just going to increase your BMI and LDL which are firmly associated with bad health. In order to benifit from the fruits and veggies you do have to cut down on animal fats. This doesn't mean vegan; I firmly believe that I, at least, need some animal protein. But CUT DOWN! I eat meat (steak or pot roast at a restaurant) once a week and use olive oil for my fats the rest of the week. Works for me.
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    Some diets say cutting down on protein will detox you better, they don't always specify meat but I guess that's the crux. As you yourself said, lean non fried meat and small amounts, and low saturated fat diets in general are always going to benefit you, they wont detox you any faster as such though. Also low protein diets can actually weaken the effectiveness of the liver, so you have to take great care with lowering your protein intake.

    Vegan diets have health benefits but you really have to be aware of nutrition, it's sometimes hard to get all the vitamins etc form fruit/veg and nuts alone, you do really have to mix up the types of food you eat considerably to get the balance right, most vegans know this, but getting it wrong can lead to serious health implications.

    I think I should of made it clear that the low protein/fat and lots of fruit veg method will make you healthier, but not necessarily any less toxed than a "normal" diet with plenty of veg and fruit included.

    Any diet which encourages you to cut down on the bad stuff is good, but the detox claims are not scientifically based in any way shape or form. The diets in the main are a good thing though, even if people don't get the fast detox they hoped for they will feel better for a good diet, and that is what's important I guess.
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    Oooooh I like that!

    Maybe we need more of them. :biggrin:
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    You can thank a band called The Levellers or the singers dad for that one :smile:
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