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Please help! want to do Master in Physics with engg. background !

  1. Apr 2, 2013 #1
    Hello friends

    I hve done B.Tech in electronics engineering from ISM dhanbad, a premier engineering institute in India. And I have a very core interest in physics from very early but i couldn't choose physics after my school due to some reason.
    Now, I am finally decided to pursue physics ahead and I am starting to prepare GRE physics. Need help about " how to start"... "from where to start" ?
    And I also want to know whether it will be possible to switch or not ... how tough it is? How much score in GRE physics should I need to get admission in a good university in US or Europe ? What extra should I do to increase my chances ?
    And kindle suggest some books for GRE preparation ? ( for classical mechanics, relativity, E&M Statistical Physics, Atom & Nuclear physics and for experimental part also)

    Please help !!!
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    Thanks ZapperZ ! the link was useful ! But I need more detail for my question... ! I am more interested in europe than US ! Help !
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