1. R

    Admissions Did I commit career suicide?

    I started my Ph.D program this year in material science and engineering at a reputed school in the US. After a month I realized that I am more interested in how electrical engineers approach nanotechnology/microelectronics. I liked the idea of applying science to optimize devices and make...
  2. E

    Job Skills Leaving a 2nd Master's degree to accept an offer abroad

    This is my first post so don't be too harsh. I was just looking to get additional opinions in order to make a more informed decision. Since I always had the idea of becoming an astrophysicist I enrolled in Bsc in physics engineering (5 years) here, and due to being the top student I was invited...
  3. T

    Admissions Masters application with a low GPA

    Hello! I just completed my honors from Bangladesh with a 2.90 gpa in Physics. I want to get a masters and if possible a PhD as well in Biomedical physics. Would it be possible for me to get accepted in any university in US with full funding if I manage to get a high GRE and TOEFL score?
  4. Nyang

    Admissions Applying to the ETH Zurich master's in Physics program without the required math courses

    I have a normal GPA grade(3.5/4.0), many research experience with professor at Max Planck Institute and many publication including PRB paper and 1st author paper(sci). I would like to apply to ETH Zurich master in Physics course, but i did not take math courses except mathematical physics1...
  5. Smalde

    Programs Best Theoretical Physics Masters Degree in Continental Europe

    Dear All, I am sorry if you consider this question to be repetitive or too general but I have been unable to find sufficient answers on the web and thus I want to see what I can win from asking you guys. First my situation: I finished my Physics' Bachelor in the LMU Munich with good grades...
  6. B

    Engineering From engineering BSc to Physics MSc

    Dear forum, let me tell you my story: I hold a BSc degree in petrochemical engineering. I'm 25 years old. I finished my university studies 4 years ago, graduated with honors and have been working in the industry ever since. I have a good job with a decent salary, I can buy stuff and support my...
  7. Gabuke

    Physics From physics to EE

    Hello everyone, I am currently studying physics (2nd course) and dreaming about becoming an electrical energineer. I am sure that once I am finished bachelor studies I will go for a master degree in EE. But will it grant me an engineer job? I am highly interested in an electrical engineering...

    Schools What University offers an online master degree?

    Hi guys I want to study an online master degree in Physics, and I want to know if someone know about Universities that offer this option. I live in Ecuador. I want to study more but I can not travel to other countries for a very large time due to personal responsabilities. I am a Physics...
  9. Luis Obis

    Programs Choosing a Master's degree in Physics

    I am a physics student from Spain and hopefully I will be finishing my degree in physics (4y) by next June. I am trying to decide on a Master's program to study but I am finding very difficult to decide since there are so many oportunities and so diverse specially when looking for programs...
  10. A

    Programs Comparison of physics masters

    hello everyone, i am currently a physics undergraduate in europe and i am thinking about possible graduate studies either in usa or europe.i want to study theoretical particle physics(string theory,quantum fileds,cosmpology etc.). my first choice is a phd in usa. but as an alternative i am...
  11. T

    Civil Engineering BS and Physics Master

    Hi all. I am studying civil engineering BS.But I am so interested in astrophysics.Can i have physics graduate and PhD. If I can do this, what should i do to make my dreams come true. Please be a light for my path. ( Sorry about my English)
  12. A

    Math Bachelor's, Masters and Phd's sequence for Math & Physics

    Hello, It seems like mostly, the masters degree is skipped for those who are seeking a Phd degree (from Bachelor's to Phd directly). I'm in my fourth year as undergraduate, studying physics. I like both math and physics and I really want to master them both. The thing is that my university...
  13. Lukanol

    Proof of Physics Background for Master Application

    Hello guys! I have recently graduated from my bachelor degree in engineering physics and I wish to apply for a master degree in pure physics next year. I have read ZapperZ's post on how to check my own understanding in physics. However, is there any examinations (or anything else) I can take so...
  14. magi

    M.Sc. in Engineering Physics and garbage dumpster cleaner

    - Hi. I have a Master of Science in Engineering Physics from the university of Lund (LTH) in Sweden and have been looking for work for two years. The only work I got was through a friend so I clean garbage dumpsters. Here is some pictures from my work...
  15. A

    B.S. in physics, Masters in Aerospace Engineering?

    Hi, I'm a high school senior and I want to study Aerospace Engineering but my local university doesn't have it and going to another university is not an option, so what should my B.S. be? Physics? or an engineering that is somehow related to aerospace? Plus, does Masters in Aerospace Engineering...
  16. P

    Programs Alternative master's degree with a bachelor in physics

    I'm in my second year of my physics bachelor's (in the Netherlands) and my average score is about an 8.5. I like physics, but... I've already realized that an academic career in physics is not at all what i want to persue. (eg. no theoretical physics/experimental physics in a lab). Basically...