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MASTER (Mobile Astronomical System of Telescope-Robots) is a Russian network of automated telescopes in five Russian cities, and in South Africa, Argentina and the Canary Islands. It is intended to react quickly to reports of transient astronomical events. It started its development in 2002 and it is in fully autonomous operations since 2011.On 17 August 2017, an autonomous MASTER telescope in Argentina successfully recorded a collision of neutron stars some 130 million light-years away.

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  1. DaveC426913

    Are you a kind, benevolent Master?

    I managed to go five and a half decades without a pet more sophisticated than a fish, and I have no family who has had pets either. Now I find myself spending my days and nights with a (highly intelligent) dog, 'Luna'. (My son became owner of a dog and now we sit while he goes to work.) So I...
  2. shivajikobardan

    MHB What is the role of GFS master during read and write operations?

    I am really confused by this question as there are multiple possible answers of this question, so I am asking this. There is very minimum role of GFS master in writing and reading operations.. You can either go through these or just tell me what is the correct answer if you are bored to go...
  3. shivajikobardan

    Comp Sci What is the role of GFS master during read and write operations?

    I am really confused by this question as there are multiple possible answers of this question, so I am asking this. There is very minimum role of GFS master in writing and reading operations.. You can either go through these or just tell me what is the correct answer if you are bored to go...
  4. Wrichik Basu

    LastPass master passwords compromised (?)

    Several users received email warnings of unfamiliar login attempts and even logins to their LastPass account. The question arises whether the LastPass master password has been leaked in a data breach. According to LastPass, the passwords were not leaked and this was a regular "stuffing attack"...
  5. N

    Physics Physics Degrees and Semiconductor Industry (IC Design?)

    Hello there, im a physics student from Germany and currently in my second semester of a Bachelor of science. Lately i have become increasingly interested in woking in the Semiconductor Industry and I am currently reading the book "But how do it Know" by J. Clark Scott and i think it is really...
  6. jedishrfu

    WIRED on Intl Master of Chess beat online by an Unknown Player

    https://www.wired.com/story/bird-feed-seller-beat-chess-master-online-harassment/ An interesting article where a player came out of nowhere to beat a popular chess International Master online. The IM felt it was cheating, did some analysis, and reported his opponent to Chess.com. After some...
  7. evinda

    MHB Master Theorem-Relation of the two functions

    Hello! (Wave) I want to solve the recurrence relation $$T(n)=4T{\left( \frac{n}{3} \right)}+n \log{n}.$$ I thought to use the Master Theorem. We have $a=4, b=3, f(n)=n \log{n}$. $\log_b{a}=\log_3{4}$ $n^{\log_b{a}}=n^{\log_3{4}}$ How can we find a relation between $n^{\log_{3}{4}}$ and...
  8. Y

    Programs Dual Master Degrees - Worth it?

    Does anyone here have a masters degree in engineering, and then a second one in systems engineering ? I'm considering it because I can get help with the costs. I do systems engineering on electrical systems. So I see some possible advantages to getting both. I already have a masters in...
  9. TechieDork

    Courses How much understanding is enough to truly master a course?

    How much understanding is enough to truly master a course? I'm a 2nd year physics student. Got a so-so GPA.But sometimes I feel like getting an A in a course isn't really enough. For instance , I got an A in Calculus II but today I don't even remember how to derive a general form of power...
  10. A

    I Master` Equation for the Penrose-Diosi wavefunction collapse

    I'm trying to understand equation 209 on page 81 here: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1204.4325.pdf Here's what I understand so far: - We are to imagine a system in a superposition of |X> and |X'>, where these describe distinct particle configurations. - On the RHS of the eqn, the first term is...
  11. R

    Admissions Is Changing My PhD Program After One Month a Wise Career Move?

    I started my Ph.D program this year in material science and engineering at a reputed school in the US. After a month I realized that I am more interested in how electrical engineers approach nanotechnology/microelectronics. I liked the idea of applying science to optimize devices and make...
  12. V

    MHB Solving Recurrence Relations Using Master Theorem/Akra-Bazzi

    first state whether it can be solved using the Master Theorem, and if it can then use that. Otherwise, use the Akra-Bazzi formula. 1. T(n) = 3T([n/3])+n 2. T(n) = T([n/4])+T([n/3])+n 3. T(n) = 2T([n/4])+√n
  13. S

    Applied Master Slave schemes in dynamic systems

    Does anyone know a good book on master-slave schemes in dynamic systems? I'm on a dynamics book covering oscillators and it kind of glances over the topic and expects me to know it. I've done previous basic dynamics books and haven't seen it in them and checking on the internet I have found very...
  14. nmsurobert

    Master and Slave Cylinder at different heights

    I think I've made sense of this. m: master, s:slave Fm/Am = Fs/As Fs = As(Fm/Am) Fs = (As)ρghm So with that said, if the height of the master cylinder increases then the F produced by the slave will also increase. Anyone see any problems here? My concern is that P = ρgh isn't applicable...
  15. M

    Do physicists really need to master mathematical modeling?

    Summary: Do physicists really need to master mathematical modeling? Do physicists really need to master mathematical modeling? As far as I know Mathematical modeling is a separate discipline form Physics?
  16. A

    A Doubt about a time convolution master equation

    I study of interaction between a system with a reservoir considering a weak coupling between them. I consider a bosonic bath, the initial state are separable and the operator of interaction between the system and bath is linear in the displacements of the oscillators. . In the book "Quantum...
  17. G

    Schools From theoretical physics master to 2nd year grad school

    I would like to ask if anyone has been admitted to a graduate school(US) straight to 2nd year after a theoretical masters MSc degree in the UK. I am asking because I would really like to study in the US, preferably on top universities but I don't want to waste another year taking essentially...
  18. E

    Job Skills Leaving a 2nd Master's degree to accept an offer abroad

    This is my first post so don't be too harsh. I was just looking to get additional opinions in order to make a more informed decision. Since I always had the idea of becoming an astrophysicist I enrolled in Bsc in physics engineering (5 years) here, and due to being the top student I was invited...
  19. Zack K

    Programs What math subjects should a physics major master?

    Throughout a degree as a physics major, you take a bunch of math courses, and it's safe to say that you should have a good understanding of all the calculus and algebra courses. But what math subject/specific course should I master at a spiritual level? Especially ones that are needed for...
  20. L

    I Humanity: Master fusion reactors or build a dyson sphere?

    What are are your thought on the future of energy on Earth? Personally, in the long term I believe that Dyson spheres would be more useful and allow us to terraform other planets and became a multiplanetary species much quicker and efficiently, but what are your thoughts?
  21. T

    Admissions Masters application with a low GPA

    Hello! I just completed my honors from Bangladesh with a 2.90 gpa in Physics. I want to get a masters and if possible a PhD as well in Biomedical physics. Would it be possible for me to get accepted in any university in US with full funding if I manage to get a high GRE and TOEFL score?
  22. Nyang

    Admissions Can I Apply to ETH Zurich Master in Physics without Math Courses?

    I have a normal GPA grade(3.5/4.0), many research experience with professor at Max Planck Institute and many publication including PRB paper and 1st author paper(sci). I would like to apply to ETH Zurich master in Physics course, but i did not take math courses except mathematical physics1...
  23. astroman707

    I What math topics should one master for first year physics?

    I’ll be taking the year long physics sequence at my college this fall and I want to know what specific math topics I should master, so that I can conquer my first year of physics. I’m planning to brush-up on any necessary topics from algebra, through precalc, and including calc 1. It’s an honors...
  24. Tspirit

    How to solve this master equation?

    Homework Statement In Gerry's book "Introductory quantum optics", Chapter 8.5 Decoherence, Page 207, there is a calculation which doesn't give the detail derivation, who can give me the calculation from (8.26) to (8.27)? Homework Equations The coherent state is defined by...
  25. N

    Other From math bachelor to Physics master

    Hello, I am a freshman majoring in math and recently I got interested in physics, but the problem is that I didn't learn physics in high school, so basically I don't know anything about physics. Despite this is it possible for me to learn physics on my own and then get accepted to physics...
  26. Y

    Engineering Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering - GPA

    I'm pursuing a MSEE, I was wondering how much GPA matters, if it matters at all? Please be honest. I'm questioning it, because my credits towards my degree do not expire until they are six years old. Should I use the time from which I have enough credits to graduate and earn my degree to the...
  27. Sorcerer

    What branches of math must I master to learn GR?

    Based on what I’ve read here, I really have to absolutely kill linear algebra. Maybe some abstract algebra, too. And based on all this talk of manifolds, I’m guessing some topology and differential geometry is in order. Those of you who know GR, can you offer a math subject prescription so I...
  28. N

    Other Stuck After Receiving a Master Offer in Physics - Seeking Guidance and Advice

    I just got a taught Master offer in Physics (part-time mode for 2 years) and I don't know what to do... First of all, I have a BSc in Applied Physics which I graduated in 2011. I study Physics because it is interesting. I felt happy when I got to understand something new (about the universe)...
  29. Smalde

    Programs Best Theoretical Physics Masters Degree in Continental Europe

    Dear All, I am sorry if you consider this question to be repetitive or too general but I have been unable to find sufficient answers on the web and thus I want to see what I can win from asking you guys. First my situation: I finished my Physics' Bachelor in the LMU Munich with good grades...
  30. ramzerimar

    Engineering Job experience or pursue a Master (Computer Vision)?

    I intend to finish my bachelor in Computer Science 3 years from now, by which time I will be 24 years old. I'm very interested in technology and cutting edge fields like Computer Vision/Machine Learning, and I would like to work with something like that in the future. Not necessarily with...
  31. Q

    Master in theoretical/mathematical physics. Guidance.

    Hello, I was wondering if you could give me some advice on what master’s degree or which specific master courses I should take. I am a physics student and I am going to finish my bachelor in physics next year. I plan to do a master in theoretical physics or in mathematical physics. However I...
  32. A

    How Can I Achieve Mastery in Physics?

    Hello everyone, and first of all I would like to clarify that I don't think I'm asking a regular "how do people do physics" out of frustration. I am really interested in physics and I've joined a university for my Under Grad Physics course, and I want to go beyond what my course teaches. Is...
  33. B

    Physics Where Can I Study a Master in Theoretical Physics in Europe?

    Hi, I am finishing the grad in physics and i would like to study a master in theoretical physics the next year. Anyone know or have studied any master in theoretical physics preferably in Spain but also in other countries in Europe. I would like to know your opinion Regards
  34. A

    Programs Finding the Right Master Program: Advice for a Physics Grad Student

    I got admitted into three different Master programs in my country, and I would really appreciate if you give me some advises. I have been working with a really productive professor since the beginning of the second year of my BS. The project we have been working with is to develop spectroscopy...
  35. M

    Master equation -> diffusion equation

    Homework Statement I am trying to understand the derivation of the diffusion equation from the Master equation for a 1D chain. We have an endless 1D discrete chain. State from ##n## can jump to ##n+1## and ##n-1## with equal probabilities. The distance between chain links is ##a##. Homework...
  36. B

    Engineering From engineering BSc to Physics MSc

    Dear forum, let me tell you my story: I hold a BSc degree in petrochemical engineering. I'm 25 years old. I finished my university studies 4 years ago, graduated with honors and have been working in the industry ever since. I have a good job with a decent salary, I can buy stuff and support my...
  37. pitbull

    Programs What do you think of this master program?

    "Msc in Earth and Space Physics and Engineering", at DTU (Denmark). I love the courses it offers, and I would like to work for NASA in the future. Do you think this program is a good idea? Any opinions? (Click here to access the website)Thank you for your help, guys :)
  38. I

    Physics or mathematics master for mathematical physics?

    Hello! I'm a European physics student with an interest in what I believe to be mathematical physics. I'm torn between going for a master in physics or one in mathematics as more and more it seems to me that the research areas I'm interest are often conducted in the mathematics department...
  39. Gabuke

    Physics From Physics to EE: Exploring the Path to Becoming an Engineer | Tips & Insights

    Hello everyone, I am currently studying physics (2nd course) and dreaming about becoming an electrical energineer. I am sure that once I am finished bachelor studies I will go for a master degree in EE. But will it grant me an engineer job? I am highly interested in an electrical engineering...

    Schools What University offers an online master degree?

    Hi guys I want to study an online master degree in Physics, and I want to know if someone know about Universities that offer this option. I live in Ecuador. I want to study more but I can not travel to other countries for a very large time due to personal responsabilities. I am a Physics...
  41. Dheer Parikh

    Engineering Aerospace Engineer or Master of Physics in COSMOSES

    I want to go in ISRO or NASA accordingly.But for that I am confused that Should I do Master of Physics in cosmology or i should go with Aerospace Engineering.Pls give me suggestion which one of this is better
  42. Luis Obis

    Programs Choosing a Master's degree in Physics

    I am a physics student from Spain and hopefully I will be finishing my degree in physics (4y) by next June. I am trying to decide on a Master's program to study but I am finding very difficult to decide since there are so many oportunities and so diverse specially when looking for programs...
  43. Stella.Physics

    Programs SPaCE-Astrophysics Master in Marseille, France

    Hello to all. Does anyone have any information on SPaCE-Astrophysics Master program in Marseilles, France? I had a look at their page but I would like any additional information. The site is the following: http://master-space.lam.fr/master-space-presentation.php
  44. N

    Other Should a Future Physicist Master Calculus or Programming?

    Which skill is more important for Physics in the modern era? From what I know, Newton (along with some other fellows) developed Calculus in order to solve problems in Physics. Because of this, it's safe to say that Calculus is an essential branch of mathematics to understand when it comes to...
  45. A

    Programs Which European Master's Programs Are Best for Theoretical Particle Physics?

    hello everyone, i am currently a physics undergraduate in europe and i am thinking about possible graduate studies either in usa or europe.i want to study theoretical particle physics(string theory,quantum fileds,cosmpology etc.). my first choice is a phd in usa. but as an alternative i am...
  46. C

    Engineering BS Mathematics to EE Master or Graduat Minor

    I'm considering going after a MS in Electrical/Minor Math or Masters Math/Minor electrical. I have BS in mathematics. I am completing the background EE courses as needed. What areas of EE are the best fit for someone who had a strong interest in Analysis and continuous mathematics? I was...
  47. U

    What do I need to master before I start calculus?

    I want to start learning calculus I. But, I don't know what courses I need to finish before starting precalculus. any help would be appreciated.
  48. Emre Yucel

    Admissions How Does Undergraduate GPA Matter For PhD If You Have Master

    Hello Dear PhysicsForum members, I am mechanical engineering MSc student. My undergrad gpa is 2.68/4 and my master gpa is 3.79/4. I would like to apply for PhD in USA to modest universities (not top one)Do you think my master gpa will offset my undergraduate gpa if i get good scores from...