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Pluto's color changes as it makes its closest approach?

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    Pluto's changes as it makes its closest approach?
    I've seen the photos from Hubble showing the seasonal color changes on Pluto.

    Just wondering if the addition of the extra atmosphere as it makes its closest approach to sun, has changed the any of the colors on Pluto, in particular the black spot next to the bright spot?

    How often do we get photos of Pluto from Hubble? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Help I'm ignorant in that area!
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    Hmmm. Not sure.

    Hubble is designed for, and mainly does, scientific research images. Most are not "pretty pictures". Scientists around the world submit proposals to get time on the HST for their research, and the telescope is always in very high demand. Most proposals are denied as there are far more demand for imaging time than is available.
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