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Pneumatic actuators - locking mechanism?

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    The problem: I was planning on using pneumatic linear actuators for a deflector - to direct the material from a conveyor, correctly down the chute - and i needed the deflector to be adjustable. The deflector itself is made out of chromium carbide clad plate, it will weigh atleast 100 kilos or more. Can i directly link a pneumatic cylinder to the deflector plate, or would the external downward force create too many problems? Also - is there a self locking cylinder that will allow the cylinder to remain in place once moved to a certain position.

    I will also be mounting a second pnuematic cylinder, that will be hinged in order for me to get rotation of the deflector.

    Any help in this area would be appreciated, cheers :)
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    I do not believe you can safely or accurately hold pneumatics at less than full travel (i.e., fully extended or fully retracted). A physical latch/lock would be needed to hold position at partial extension. Another option is air-over-hydraulic. It may not be any less complicated than fitting some kind of mechanical device, but it can offer more operational flexibility.

    A very helpful reference I use is the website for Hydraulics & Pneumatics (industry magazine). Here is their overview on combination air/hydraulic devices:
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    you can use pneumatic cylinder for this application and you can have achieve self locking by using mid position locked direction control valve
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