Pneumatic/hydraulic simulation software?

  1. ranger

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    I'm looking pneumatic/hydraulic simulation software. Anyone know any good ones? It would be nice if they had a trail version also.

    --thank you.
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  3. FredGarvin

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    Are you looking for specific applications or something to lay out a piping system?
  4. ranger

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    Actually its not for a piping system. I want to use it to simulate the pneumatic experiments we are doing in school. Using various parts such as three way valve, four way valve, flow controls, pulse valve, etc to show the output as the movement of a piston. I just want to make sure that the results I obtain in the lab are correct.
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  5. FredGarvin

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    Ahh. The only ones I know of are going to be high end, expensive stuff. I'll keep my eyes out for anything though.
  6. ranger

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    How expensive are these? What are the programs that you have in mind?
  7. Integral

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    Perhaps something like Keyence ladder builder will help you. You may not be able to graphically move a cylinder but you can write and verify your ladder logic to drive the cylinder.

    This is the best hydraulic/pneumatic simulation software I've come across. Check out some their demo videos. If you contacted them you may be able to talk them into temp license.
  9. I know there is hydrauliCAD. not 100% sure if it can do pneumatics but most probably it can. it might be a wee bit expensive though. I bet if you contact them, they'll answer you much better than i can.

  10. Check out
    It's the only American based hydraulic simulation software I know of
  11. Automation Studio
    A software tool for design, simulation and animation of hydraulics and propotional hydraulics; pneumatics and propotional pneumatics; electrical control; PLC and much more....
  12. Is Automation Studio is better than Festo
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