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Pneumatic regulator idea/question

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    Hi guys,

    I have a quick question that someone might be able to assist me with. As a job i build waste water treatment plants and lately we have moved from using an electric butterfly valve to a pneumatic pinch valve.

    We have a common air supply of 6 bar and we now regulate to 3 different separate pressures using 3 different regulators which are all set at a specific pressure and never adjusted.

    My question is can we use a flow regulator or a similar device to regulate pressure to save room instead of using 3 bulky regulators?
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    A flow regulator wouldn't work well. Should something stop / hinder flow further down the line, the flow regulator would not stop pressure downstream of itself building beyond the required range. E.g. if someone shut a valve further down the line, the pressure at that valve would build to the maximum in the system (what would be before the regulator), instead of the required limit (what would be after the regulator).

    A pressure regulator prevents pressure downstream of itself going beyond the set point.

    Not sure of your line size, but the type we use for tubing aren't that large.
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    Thanks for the advise Jared. Makes perfect sense. I thought there might be another way around rather than having to mount and connect 3 regulators.

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