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Political and High-Tech Thrillers

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    I want to write a book that is both a political thriller and a High-Tech thriller. The thing is I'm not overly familiar with either genre. Anyone out there have a favorite in either (or both) categories? I already have a copy of Jurassic Park and The Andromeda Strain.
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    Vanadium 50

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    This does not sound like a recipe for success.

    You seem to have started a number of projects. Have you completed any? Are you participating in any writers' workshops? Do you have an editor? These will help direct advice you get into the most useful directions.
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    The problem I've got with this thing is that I can't see how it ends--other than the generic, the Bad Guys lose and the Good Guys win--and I have no idea who the protagonist is. I know who the antagonist is--I've known him for ten years. The only model I have at the moment is Shakespeare tragedies, because in those works the dude who finally does in the villain sort of comes out of nowhere in the second or third act. I was hoping some people had favorite political thrillers to suggest because it seems like a good idea to look at works that deal almost exclusively with the protagonist.
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    I do have a novelette published on the Kindle Service, but it's not science fiction or fantasy.
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