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Homework Help: Politics presentation on immigration

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    hi can anyone give me any good ideas for i what i can include in my politics presentation and how i can make it fun and interesting
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    Grade level of the students?

    Immigration - are you referring specifically to legal immigration or are you also including illegal immigration?

    You could include the impact on the other countries - Don't forget, if the doctors and engineers are immigrating here, those other countries are losing those positions... The impact is on both sides.

    What is your teacher's opinion? How does your teacher grade? I ask this because some of the material you present may be opinionated, to a degree... There are teachers (good teachers) who respect the opinions of their students, and there are those who don't respect other opinions, and grade accordingly. (I learned that the hard way once.) Sometimes, you have a lot of freedom in which side of an issue you present; other times, you have to "play the game" and bias your information toward the teacher's biases (unfortunately.)
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    thanks for your help well she like to remain quite neutral in her opinions and a generous marker, and she does to some extent like us to voice our opinions.

    i was only going to refer to legal immigration, but thanks for you idea about the impact it has on countries other than the Uk
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    Uhhhhhhhhh.... Wrong forum perhaps???
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    It's homework help on an "other science" (social science). I'd say it's okay. :)
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