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A cephalic presentation or head presentation or head-first presentation is a situation at childbirth where the fetus is in a longitudinal lie and the head enters the pelvis first; the most common form of cephalic presentation is the vertex presentation, where the occiput is the leading part (the part that first enters the birth canal). All other presentations are abnormal (malpresentations) and are either more difficult to deliver or not deliverable by natural means.

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  1. Andre

    A Presentation: Venus hot break hypothesis

    The idea will be presented at the ancient Venus conference https://www.hou.usra.edu/meetings/ancientvenus2022/pdf/ancientvenus2022_program.htm Houston 25 Jul. The abstract: https://www.hou.usra.edu/meetings/ancientvenus2022/pdf/2024.pdf Some of the earliest members may remember a thread about...
  2. J

    Physics presentation ideas please for a senior in high school

    Hi! I'm in my final year of high school and I need to present to a jury a 5 minute presentation on a physics question. I'm looking for a topic that would combine physics and everyday life , similar to explaining ball movement in a given sport through aerodynamics and movement trajectory. My...
  3. shivajikobardan

    MHB Read Access & Presentation Rate in Multimedia

    source-: http://ce.sharif.ir/courses/84-85/2/ce342/resources/root/BOOK/Multimedia/215814- Chapter 16.pdf page number 7 Questions-: 1) What is read access? 2) What is presentation rate? 3) In fast forward, some data units are skipped but the valid life span for each frame is not changed...
  4. M

    MHB Topic of presentation: Elementary Geometry vs Fibonacci & its sequences

    Hey! 😊 Between the following two topics: Elementary Geometry Fibonacci and its sequences which would you suggest for a presentation? Could you give me also some ideas what could we the structure of each topic? :unsure:
  5. J

    Moiré pattern presentation

    No relevant equations.
  6. Eclair_de_XII

    LaTeX For an informal presentation, would you use LaTeX to type this out?

    Is it possible to typehttps://drive.google.com/open?id=186OoXjmVjb3nhXjSBKEAq2u_6MF-UXlm into LaTeX, or should I just print out the thing as it is? If the former, I do not know how I would go about it; the matrices seem much too wide for me to fit onto a letter-size page. For the record, the...
  7. sams

    Questions Regarding my Supervising of an Undergrad Senior Project in Physics

    I’m currently supervising an undergraduate senior project in the Department of Physics. I’m responsible for supervising a last year physics student who will be graduating by the end of June. As a new lecturer and supervisor, I was wondering about several aspects and I would like to gain a deeper...
  8. R

    Testing PhD viva - Length of starting presentation

    I have my PhD viva in about a months time, part of it is to give an introductory presentation. Since I'm sure some members here examine PhD students in their viva, I would like to ask what they would consider a good lenth of time for the presentation? I don't want to annoy the examiner by having...
  9. Buckethead

    B Presentation of mass as a physical quantity

    I have started hosting a "scence open mic" and the first one last month was very successful so I'm doing it again. We had about 30 people show up and 5 presenters including myself giving up to an 18 minute talk on anything science. It was a great experience and I encourage others to try it in...
  10. Mr Davis 97

    Find the order of a presentation

    Homework Statement Show that ##M = \langle r,s \mid r^m = e, s^n = e, srs^{-1} = r^j \rangle##, where ##j## is a natural number satisfying ##\operatorname{gcd}(j,m) = 1## and ##j^n \equiv 1 \pmod{m}##, has ##mn## elements, Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I'm not sure how to start...
  11. Mr Davis 97

    I The quotient group of a group with a presentation

    Suppose that we know that ##G=\langle S \mid R\rangle##, that is, ##G## has a presentation. If ##N\trianglelefteq G##, what can be said about ##G/N##? I know that for example, if ##G=\langle x,y \rangle##, then ##G/N = \langle xN, yN \rangle##. But is there anything that can be said about the...
  12. BiGyElLoWhAt

    Other Research Proposal For Senior thesis - GR Solar System Model

    Hi All. On Tuesday I have to present my research proposal for my undergrad research. I intend to model our solar system using general relativity and compare and contrast my results with observations. Attached is my paper that I had to submit to my adviser. He suggested that I talk about some...
  13. hugo_faurand

    Hydrodistillation and (original) uses

    Homework Statement Hello ! I've to do a presentation about hydrodistillation. I've already done an experiment in class to extract essential oil of lavender with hydrodistillation. So, for this presentation I would like to do something original. By original I mean things that you're not used to...
  14. kyphysics

    What's a Good Visual Presentation Software?

    preferably free :biggrin: I used Prezi in high school and PowerPoint in middle, but haven't had to use anything since. thanks. edited to add: if it's a really great one...I would be willing to look into buying it.
  15. Cheesycheese213

    Tips for presenting under a time limit?

    I have a presentation with a 2 minute time limit, but I keep going over, and I'm a bit worried because I have to memorize it and I can barely fit it in just reading it aloud. I would really appreciate any tips to make it a bit faster! Thanks! P.S. also how would I read a quote with ellipses in it?
  16. I

    Synchronizing Two Threads w/Pthreads for Smooth Presentation

    Two threads share a common buffer (an image, say). One thread (visualization which has an almost fixed delay). The other, image generation can have a delay either much greater or much lesser than the fixed one. What is the best paradigm to synchronize these threads using pthreads in order to...
  17. saybrook1

    Physics Research Job Interview Presentation Advice

    Hello everyone! I'm soon flying out to several research facilities/companies that have invited me to give presentations, meet with staff, check out the towns etc... I have a few questions about what I should be including in the presentations. I understand that I need to include my past research...
  18. DoobleD

    I Perlmutter presentation : pb on the age of the Universe

    I just watched a presentation about the acceleration of the Universe by Perlmutter. At this moment in the video he points the correct line for the scale factor of the Universe. Aaaaand that lines starts around 15 billion years ago, not 14 billion. So I thought maybe the latest estimations of...
  19. W

    Segway for Presentation: SQl Server/Database and Data Mining

    Hi All, I need to do a presentation in the subject areas of SQL Server, general Database into the area of Data Mining for a job interview. Any Ideas? First thought is the use of SSAS ( Analysis Service) and SSDT ( Data Tools) from SQL Server in Data Mining. But this does not seem...
  20. A

    Airfoils physics presentation

    Homework Statement Hi everyone. Is an avocado technically an air foil? like if you cut an avocado in half, it wold be the right shape right? see and if so, would you leave the pit in or not? Why? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I am pretty sure that they are. I am giving a...
  21. Bunny-chan

    Interesting physics topic for a presentation

    Homework Statement HI! I'm in need of some help to come with an interesting physics-related topic for a short, five-minute presentation. We'll be graded by our ability to speak well rather than our physics knowledge, so I want to talk about something simple, straight-to-the-point and not too...
  22. Ivanov

    I Exploring Light Absorption: What Happens When a Photon Hits an Electron?

    Hello, I have a presentation tomorrow and in a segment, I talk about light absorption. It's more conceptual than technical. I did quite a bit of research on the topic but because of simplifying information I may have butchered the facts and written something wrong. Could anyone please confirm/...
  23. M

    MAC adapter and presentation pointer

    Hi PF! Every time I try to present something from my MacBook I never have an adapter and someone else provides one. Any suggestions on brands? I was thinking of a VGA adapter since that's what seems to be popular. Also, any brands regarding presentation pointers? Thanks!
  24. B

    B High School Physics Presentation Ideas?”

    Hey guys, I'm in high school and we have to do a presentation on any physics topic we like. The teacher is just trying to assess our class as it is only the beginning of the school year. It has to be a minimum of 3 min and maximum of 5 min. Are there any topics that aren't too complicated, but...
  25. L

    I How to bridge the gap between these approaches to SR?

    For quite a long time now I'm having some trouble to bridge the gap between two different approaches to Special Relativity. The first approach is the traditional one. It is the approach that Einstein presented in his paper and that is taught in most of the basic textbooks. In this approach...
  26. Samia qureshi

    Suggestion for presentation topic

    I have to prepare a presentation for my workshop kindly suggest me a topic that you think will be more interesting, also for those who are non physicists as their will be non physicists students also:gradcap::gradcap:.:book::book: i think of preparing on "Domains in Ferromagnetic Materials" for...
  27. N

    Bogoliubov Transformation Presentation

    Hi I have to give a presentation on Bogoliubov transformations to my undergrad solid state physics class. The presentation is only supposed to be 15ish minutes long, and defining them alone will take a few minutes. Because of the time constraint, I was wondering if anyone knew of a simple...
  28. ujjwal3097

    Video editing software for presentations

    Can anyone tell me which video editing software is used in this video. I am doing some project and i need to show the presentation but i really liked what this video has in the background. Can anyone tell me about this software or another similar software for editing. video:
  29. AngularMomentum

    Presentation about Roger Bacon (rainbows)

    I need to give a presentation about roger bacon (the guy who said that rainbows form at a 42 degree angle). It's hard to find information about his study of rainbows so if anyone knows something about it I'll be grateful.
  30. D

    Quantum Computing presentation ideas

    Hey everyone, I'm sorry if this is not the right place to ask this, but here it goes: I have to do a presentation on a topic on quantum computing. Does anyone know any cool doable topics? We have been working through Ballentine's quantum mechanics book, to give you an idea of the level. Thanks!
  31. Spicy Italian

    Medical Medical Imaging Presentation Ideas

    Hello, I am wondering if the boards can reccomend any topics of medical imaging in healthcare. I have to make a presentation on the topic and write a paper. The paper must only be sourced from peer reviewed articles or government statistics. So it should be realitvely well known. I believe...
  32. blagojakavka

    Powerpoint 2013 Issue Opening Presentation

    When I open a powerpoint presentation that I created I get the following message:The presentation cannot be opened. Your antivirus program may prevent you from opening the presentation. To fix this problem, make sure your antivirus program is current and working correctly. If the problem...
  33. kq6up

    Josephson Effect Class Presentation

    I am working on a class presentation for my solid state physics class. I picked the topic of the Josephson effect. I would like to explain this phenomena in specific detail. However, the original paper and other material I have found quickly goes over my head as I have not been as far as...
  34. Ghostcrown

    Presenting to middle-schoolers on black holes - suggestions?

    My professor wants me to make a 15 minute oral presentation on black holes for an event we have going on on campus. How should I structure it? I think I have a pretty good understanding of the concept of a black hole, but I don't want to get caught off guard during the 5 minute Q&A section. My...
  35. DaniV

    The Trigonometery functions in other presentation

    Can I present the trigonometry functions (such as SinX, CosX, TanX, CotX) by using only- Log, Lan, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, exponantion, nth root operations?
  36. caters

    Lion Life Cycle Presentation - What Do You Think?

    Here is my presentation about the lion life cycle: https://prezi.com/uwvap0ljxdso/lion-life-cycle/ What do you think? Am I missing anything? Do you think I should do one on cheetahs, 1 on leopards, 1 on jaguars, and 1 on tigers as well?
  37. Vlad137

    Physics behind turbochargers and compressors

    Hi everyone, I need to do a presentation to a high school class about the physics behind a turbocharger and was looking for some help getting which principals/laws explain what happens when a turbocharger is used within a car i.e.; Thermodynamics, gas laws. I just need a direction in which...
  38. S

    Engines' aggragated technical data for a presentation

    Hi everyone! I am trying to make a presentation concerning up to date internal combustion engines for different applications (light duty/passenger cars, heavy duty, marine/low rpm, aviation etc). I don't need any charts just sheer numbers of power, capacity, weight, engine dimensions...
  39. psuedoben

    Physics presentation help

    Homework Statement in my physics class i was tasked with designing a project of my choice that had to deal with physics mechanics. the project i chose was to design a plan to create structures on the Planet mars. I'm just having trouble what factors I'm going to need to include (within the...
  40. S

    Uncertainty principle presentation

    Hi all. In my physics class I have to give a 15 minute blackboard lecture on a topic in modern physics. I chose the uncertainty principle because I feel there is a tendency (at least at the undergrad level) to just accept what it is without proof or intuition. I would like to go into greater...
  41. S

    Interesting ideas for mathematics presentation

    I will be doing a presentation in the science symposium at my community college. The common theme is always topics from biology or chemistry but never from physics or mathematics.. I am a Math major and love pure mathematics, I am interested in presenting the great theorems of mathematics...
  42. E

    BBC Jim Al-Khalili Presentation -- robin bird eyes use quantum entanglement?

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04v85cj I searched in this forum and no one has mentioned this. What are the thoughts of general physicists regarding Al-khalili presentation how the robin bird eyes use quantum entanglement? Searching at the net producing the following...
  43. S

    Choosing topic for reserach and presentation

    Hi, I am a final year undergraduate student having to do a presentation for a course in 'Advanced Quantum Mechanics.' Our lecturer offered the following topics. I have to pick one of these. 1. Born-Oppenheimer Approximation → Berry Phase 2. Non-Hermitian Quantum Mechanics 3. Path...
  44. E

    LaTeX Creating a PDF Audio Presentation

    Hello all, I have created a PDF presentation using LateX. I want to add my commentary on the slides by recording my explanation using a mic and mark some parts of the slides while I am commenting, at least to be able to point where I want using the cursor. How can I do that? Thanks
  45. M

    Differences in Presentation of Ordinary Partial Derivatives of Tensors

    Ok folks, I've taken a stab at the Latex thing (for the first time, so please bear with me). I've mentioned before that I'm teaching myself relativity and tensors, and I've come across a question. I have a few different books that I'm referencing, and I've seen them present the ordinary...
  46. A

    How to write someone's credentials for a presentation

    I'm going to do a presentation for one of my classes in college. I'm interviewing a chemical engineer who received a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Science first, then went on to get his Bachelors and Masters in chemical engineering. How should I list this in a Power Point presentation?
  47. K

    Primary reference paper for presentation

    Hi all! I am a first year BS-MS student and I need to make a presentation on a paper or a review article from a primary reference journal. The broad topic is particle physics. I searched on Physical Review D, Nature and Science but couldn't get anything which was not too mathematical...
  48. E

    Distribution of data - alternative presentation

    If we commonly draw a distribution of data, we should be careful to chose appropriate classes, for instance, 1-2, 4 2-3, 6 3-4, 11 etc. But, if we draw a cumulative distribution, classes are not necessary. For instance 1-2, 4 2-3, 10 3-4, 21 and still better: 1, 1 1.3, 2 1.4, 3 1.9, 4...
  49. Lebombo

    Math Presentation Materials (which include equation editor features)

    Hi, I wanted to make a powerpoint-like presentation for myself, simply for self study. I figured I'd experiment with some of the animation features to see whether it would have a positive impact on my rate of study. However, I don't have Microsoft office (thus powerpoint) on my current...
  50. E

    Academic presentation software or template?

    I'm curious how scientists make such pretty presentations. I've used Microsoft Powerpoint for all of my presentations since middle school. But my powerpoints lack the style I notice in many academic presentations. There seems to be a standard format on which I am missing out. See, for...