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POP/IMAP forwarding in Thunderbird

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    Hi. I have a couple different email accounts and I'd like to aggregate them. I've done automatic forwarding before, but I'd like to set up POP or IMAP so that I can not only forward to my main account but also do the reply-on-behalf-of thing. I downloaded Thunderbird last night and am having a lot of trouble setting up the forwarding. First its automatic settings were preventing me from inputting the correct port even if I was doing manual setup. After jumping through several hoops to get it setup, it then refused to forward. I sent myself test emails and nothing happened. The account that I was trying to set up is already set to autoforward to another account (which I will disable, but I wanted to make sure the POP worked first before I went around changing things), but since it keeps a local copy I thought it should be fine....

    Any suggestions? I'm lost, so any help you could offer would be much appreciated.
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    Unless I'm mistaken, you generally configure your mail account (whether it be with your work, school, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) to automatically forward your e-mail, rather than doing this from your mail client. If you just want all your e-mail to show up in one folder in Thunderbird (rather than in multiple Inboxes) I think that the universal inbox might be what you're looking for:
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    Thanks, I'll take a look at that. I know how to set up regular automatic forwarding, but I don't think that's what I'm looking for. I don't want to send them to another account, I want to administer my accounts through Thunderbird--partly because my current primary account is a temporary one that will eventually be closed out by the sys admin, and partly because I don't want to just read them all in one place, I want to be able to reply from the correct account (or reply on behalf of, whatever) without having to log in to each individual mail client.
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    I think I see--sounds like unified folders might be what you're looking for (even though you maintain separate accounts, all the inboxes are displayed together, and if it doesn't automatically choose the correct SMTP server for reply e-mail, you should at least be able to select it from the drop-down menu).

    If you're having troubles just getting all the accounts entered, the following may be helpful (it also gives an example of the multiple outgoing SMTP drop-down):
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    Okay, thanks, those links look like they'll be helpful. I haven't actually gotten that far, though--I haven't tried adding multiple servers because I can't even get the first one to work.
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