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Possible Explanations of Spooky action at a distance

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    Quantum mechanics ideas:

    the idea of quantum mechanics and computing is mind boggling and impossible to fully comprehend but a few fundamental problems that i see as a possible hurdle ( other than the gaping mathematical holes in the basic understandings of quantum mechanics) would be the concept of not only controlling these “entangled particles” but with there inherent ability to be both here and there, then what possible ways to do we have of controlling something with no finite state of existence, could it be magnetic charge?. The idea of a quantum computer would be impossible to control due to the qubits conotation to either “ work” or “not work” or be either here or there.

    Now assume that we can somehow control this, if there is still no longer a definition or greater understanding of the inner working of these geographically-interchangeable particles, then i propose the idea that not only are there waves of probability in the universe concerning electrons, but also particles of probability ( not sure if my idea of particles of probability is similar to waves, but read on and you might get my drift) These are everywhere and anywhere at any point in time. perhaps the universe is simply a 3 dimensional ( or however many dimensions you accept) light board made up of an un-conceivable amount of particles that light up when supplied with energy( or something else). This is suggesting that we do not have a certain number of particles within our body but we are merely passing through particles ( or more likely pieces of probability on the same level as something similar to string theory) which simply do what we want to do while we are within in their specific region. As outrageous and stupid as this may seem it is un-likely explanantion for the discovery of this “spooky action at a distance” and that if two particles become “entangled” then it is just these two “lights on a switchboard” short circuiting causing another at a distance away to react due to a change in its “voltage supplied”. The reason this is not just a random position at any point in the uni/multiverse is because the other entangled particles position is proportional to the position of the other particle and the short circuit between the two particles moves as the particles do. Obviously there is no proof to any of these theories and are just thoughts floating around, but i think they may be worth analysis and debate if anyone has the time. to suffice, my explanation is roughly the notion that the particle being manipulated has not been changed, is actually just a mirror image or perfectly symmetrical copy of the particle being manipulated and that when these two particles become “entangled” both are destroyed and are actually double mirror images of each other, much like if you look at multiple copies of yourself in a house of mirrors.

    Now a completely different proposal. What if these “spooky actions from a distance” perhaps these changes are created when these particles become entangled, the strings of the universe or “tendons” tighten and become stronger due to whatever reasons and for whatever reason now are relative to the particles that have become entangled. For arguements sake ill call these “Stensions” (similarity tensions) these become more stronger and become entangled causing a knot in these so that whenever a particle is adjusted in any way, the other one pulls on the other causing it to change in spin. obviously there are enormouse holes in these theories but hopefully these completely radical and ingenious outlines of possibilities may help a greater mind develop a better strategy to explaining some of the un-answered questions. michael satterley
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    Welcome to PhysicsForums, michaelsatt!

    When you have an improvement over existing theory to offer, preferably with something that could be tested, your idea will be more meaningful. If you think about it, asking other scientists to spend time to finish out your raw idea is not really logical. We could always speculate that something "might have merit" but it takes a lot of effort to determine that it doesn't.

    Have you looked at the existing accepted interpretations of Quantum Mechanics? These all address entanglement, and I would strongly suggest you study these before trying to come up with your own (since it will likely end up being equivalent to one of these). The largest classes are:

    Many Worlds (MWI)
    Time Symmetric/ACausal
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